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I am tackling the ambitious task of trying to connect up as many Hunter family lines in Sligo as possible.

I have always been told they are mostly connected but a long ways back.

I have already scoured many resources and have every Hunter in Sligo pre-1920s in some sort of lineage. It would be great to connect with some other Hunters, especially if they're not connected to my own known line yet


Sunday 2nd May 2021, 12:41PM

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  • Hi Ian,

    For those "Hunter's" who are not familiar with their background, I attach detail of an Edward Hunter in Sligo - 1692 and Ellinor,otherwise Moran 1713. You may have records further back.

    Surnames of Ireland by Dr. Edward MacLysaght states that the name is of English origin and can be found mostly in the north of Ulster.




    Monday 3rd May 2021, 07:13AM

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  • Thanks very much McCoy - I hadn't seen those records before.

    There's certainly a lot of Hunters in Northern Ireland, but I'm just focusing on Sligo or I'd get overwhelmed.

    I believe many of the Sligo Hunter ancestors were Scottish soldiers who came over in the plantation period.


    Wednesday 5th May 2021, 07:08AM