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I recently found information about some of my Irish ancestors.  The earliest is a Patrick J Mangan, born March 1850. lived in Binvoran, Union-Killadysert. He emigrated to the US in 1865.  He married Mary N Mangan, DOB May 1853. She emigrated to the US in 1863  The marriage was in 1870 in the US.  Their son William J Mangan was born Aug 1887 in New York state. He married Mary McGurn, born in 1887 in Vermont US. Their daughter, Helen Nancy Mangan was born in 1912.  She is my biologic mother.  I was born, the 10 th of 11 children, and was given up for adoption at birth-12 Feb 1950.

We will be coming back to Ireland in mid-April and am interested in visiting the Binvoran area and finding out more geneological information.


Greg Stahl


Thursday 25th Jan 2018, 10:02PM

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  • Dear Greg:

    Thank you for your query to the Ireland Reaching Out message board and welcome to the site!

    The civil  parish that Patrick Mangan is associated with is Kilmurry Clonderlaw parish. However, the Catholic parish is known as Kilmurry McMahon.  I will change this post to the correct civil parish for others to view who may also be able to share further information with you.   You might be interested in the online resources associated with this parish at the Clare Library:

    The National Library of Ireland also has the Catholic parish registers online to view.  They are located at the link below:

    I don't believe that these registers have been transcribed yet.  There is an ongoing transcription project with a group of volunteers on the Clare Past Forum section of the Clare Library website (which you can join for free if you wish). 

    There has been some graveyard transcription work done on the local graveyard and I note that there is a Mangan headstone which you might note for future reference:

    Headstone No. 179 lists a Mangan family.  You will also note that the Catholic Parish name is Kilmurry McMahon and I will change this post to reflect that correct parish for you. 

    The best place for you to visit is the Local Studies Centre in Ennis when you arrive into County Clare.  The two librarians/archivsts there will be able to assist you and the facility holds a large number of resources that you will be able to view.  In addition, I will make contact with several people that I know who are volunteers and knowledgeable in the Kilmurry McMahon area to see if they can shed  further information about  your ancestors and possibly meet you.  You can contact me directly at: with regard to this. 

    Please contact me if you have any further questions and please keep us here at Ireland XO informed of your upcoming travel plans so that we may assist you further.


    Kind regards,




    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Friday 26th Jan 2018, 02:04PM
  • Dear Jane,


    Thank you so much for all the information, and clarification about the parish.  We will visit the church grave yard.  I followed the link to the grave yard pictures.  Where did you find the headstone number?





    Sunday 28th Jan 2018, 04:27PM
  • Hi Greg:

    I'm glad that some of the information is of use to you.

    The headstone number is the column which is furthest to the left.  The link that I gave you in the previous post should bring you straight to the page for the transcriptions, from there, you will have to look for the Mangans (the 2nd column lists the surnames alphabetically).  If you have any difficulty, please let me know.

    Please keep me posted as to your travel plans.

    Kind regards,




    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 29th Jan 2018, 10:45AM
  • Hello Jane,


    Yes, I see the marker numbers, plain as day now that you've pointed them out to me.

    So, am I correct to assume that there are actual numbered markers on the graves at the Kilmurray McMahon cemetry?

    We will arrive in Shannon on 18 Apr and first head back up to my wife, Kathleen's ancestral home of Costelloe.  Over the next several days we'll work our way down the west coast, We've planned on spending some time hiking the Burren. I planned on spending our last day, 24 Apr, exploring my ancestoral home area.

    One of my relatives who has done the geneology of mostly the French side of the family-Eno, sent me a pdf file of the Descendents of Patrick Mangan in 2013.  It covers 5 generations in the US,  It probably runs 50-60 pages and is well annotated.  I don't have the file on this computer but could upload it later if you think this is something that would be of interest.

    Best regards,



    Tuesday 30th Jan 2018, 06:01PM

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