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I'm trying to find out where my grandmother, Catherine Shaughnessy, lived in Ireland.  I found possible families on and one was from Ballynacourty County Limerick in the parish of Iveruss.  The 1911 Ireland Census lists her parents as Patk & Sarah and 5 daughters listed - Catherine 10, Mary 9, Annie 8, Maggie 7 & Bridget 3.  It does also say that they have 6 living children.  I do know she had an older brother named John who was listed on the 1901 Ireland Census.

Unfortunately, there is another family on the 1911 with many of the same sibling names but ages vary.  Parents names are Thomas & Maria but there are 10 children listed - Patrick 31, Thomas 29, John 27, Annie 24, Mary 21, Michael 20, James 18, Bridget 16, Edward 14 & Catherine 10.  This family however is from Killanena County Clare in the parish of Clonlea. 

I know she had a sister Annie and a brother John.  i have heard of Bridget once before.  Both families shares all of these names in common. Unfortunately, I don't know if my grandmother was one of the oldest children or youngest.  She is the only one that has the same age in both families.  I also know that Catherine & Annie both came to the states when they were teenagers, but not when or where they left from.  I was told that John was killed in a car accident in Ireland, but again, I don't know where or when.

If someone has any idea on how I might be able to figure out which family was my grandmother's and then how I might find descendents, that would be greatly appreciated.


Jennifer Lyons

Wednesday 27th June 2012, 11:34PM

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  • Hi there,

    Could please post your message on the Clonlea parish page here:

    There are Roman Catholic church records available for Askeaton (Iveruss). These date from 1829 for both baptismal and marriage records. You can find these at the National Library of Ireland, Pos. 2419, or online on If you have any difficulty, you could try writing to the parish priest for more assistance.

    There are Roman Catholic church records available for O'Callaghan's Mills (Clonlea). These date from 1835 for both baptismal and marriage records. You can find these at the National Library of Ireland, Pos. 2476, or the Church of Latter Day Saints, film, 0979694 item 6. If you have any difficulty, you could try writing to the parish priest for more assistance.

    Have you tried checking the Ellis Island records ( or the Castle Garden records ( Generally, more information was given at the port of arrival rather than the port of departure. If you knew which city they arrived at, this could be a good place to find more information, and perhaps even find out an exact place of origin.

    You could also try checking the land records called the Tithe Applotment Books (1823-38) or the later Griffith's Valuation (1848-64). Griffith's is freely available here: or here: Failte Romhat has lots of other useful links you could try looking at. Tithe Applotment Books (1823-38). Microfilm copies of the books for all of Ireland are available at the National Archives of Ireland (NAI) or the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS).

    Other records you could check include:

    1838-48 Reproductive Loan Fund records. Administered from Limerick City, for all areas of the city and county. More than 5,000 names. UK National Archives, T 91.

    This is a very useful and interesting website from Clare County Library:

    Please make sure you link anyone else in your family who is interested in their Irish heritage to our site - and indeed anyone else you know of Irish heritage.

    Kind regards,

    Sinead Cooney

    Genealogist (Ireland XO)

    Friday 29th June 2012, 01:43PM
  • Hi Jennifer,

    Brother John Feheney who actually was born in Ballynacourty townland in Iveruss parish has written a book called The O ' Shaughnesseys of Munster: The people and their stories. There might be something of interest to you in this book. Brother Feheney is a very well respected local genealogist and im sure he would be willing to help you find out where your grandmother came from. His email adress is


    Paul Anglim

    Iveruss Limerick

    Wednesday 4th July 2012, 04:27PM
  • Thank you both for the information.  You have certainly given me a lot to think about and research.  Hopefully I will be able to figure it out by the time I go to Ireland in 2014.  Then I will know where to visit.

    Jennifer Lyons

    Wednesday 4th July 2012, 05:35PM
  •  the shaughnessy/ oshaughnessy are holding a clan gathering in gort co galway, may 2014.

    book, the ranahans of iverus (ballysteen) author john feehenny,

    there is shaughnessys in that book.

    look up (roots chat) notice board.

    (cousins conect,) notice board.

    register on ancestry for free.

    you can use their notice board for free.

    curious fox noticeboard.

    in curious fox, enter


    select kilcornan near kilbreedy,

    select 10 mile search & select the go button,

    you will find shaughnessys in that area in that area.

    regards john 


    Wednesday 23rd January 2013, 11:48PM
  • the john shaughnessy on the 1901 census in ballynacourty,

    you will find him at a diffrent address in 1911.

    he was living with william shaughnessy in morenane,

    look up the 1911 census,

    select limerick, 

    select iverus

    select morenane.

    look up house 15,

    john was killed at morenane

    cross in the mid sixties.


    regards john


    Friday 1st February 2013, 10:56PM
  • Thank you John O'Connell so much for that information.  I believe that the John Shaughnessy you mentioned is my grandmother's brother.  My uncle (John) did tell me he had an Uncle John that lived in Ireland and was killed in a car accident, I think.  How could I track down some living members of the family?  I would be very interested in getting more info about the relatives in Ireland.  I am planning a visit there next year and would love to meet some of them. 



    Jennifer Lyons

    Tuesday 5th February 2013, 03:50PM
  • there is a clan gathering of the shaughnessy/oshaughnessy in gort co galway, may 2014.

    all shaughnessys & oshaughnessys origins are from gort co galway.


    john shaughnessy was borh in ballynacourty that info is on the 1901 census. 

    in google search enter& select,

    1901 irish census & select

    National Archives: Census of Ireland 1901/1911

    select brouse census on the BLUE high light bar.

    select 1901 & select limerick,

    select castletown,

    select ballinacourty,

    select house no 12,


    in the 1911 census he was living with his,

    uncle william o'shaughnessy his uncle

    & his aunt annie o'shaughnessy,

    note the the letter O' before the name, it is the same family.





    house 15


    john married about 1930, i believe his wifes maiden name is meade from kildimo co limerick,

    children of that marriage,

    mary, deceased,

    greta, still living,

    kathleen, still living,

    ester, deceased,

    eileen still living,

    theresa, still living,

    dinagh, deceased,

    patrick (paddy) deceased,

    william (bill), deceased,

    john (jackie), deceased,

    thomas (tom) still living

    annie, deceased,

    annie married, dan gallaher, deceased,

    there 2 daughters of that marriage living in askeaton co limerick.


    regards john





    Tuesday 5th February 2013, 11:14PM
  • when you come to ireland  in 2014,

    fly direct from usa to shannon international airport if that is possible,

    it is about 25 mikes from where your ancestors lived.

    if you do not have family or friends to stay with in ireland, you could book in to a hotel or a guest house.

    i would recomend you stay in (KILLEEN GUEST HOUSE, KILCORNAN CO LIMERICK).

    the shaughnessy, birth, marriage & death records for morenane are in (KILCORNAN PARISH CHURCH),

    any shaughnessy in ballynacourty ballysteen (iverus) parish, the records  are in askeaton church,


    regards john.



    Wednesday 6th February 2013, 01:40AM
  • i found the info on john oshaughnessy car accident'

    he was killed in the car accident on christmas eve,

    24 december 1968,

    in google maps, google earth, or show my street, enter,

    hill view house, ballyvogue askeaton,you

    will see the cross where the accident occured

    it is known as morenane cross, it is also known as drews cross,

    after the family that reside in hillview house.

    regards john.


    Thursday 7th February 2013, 11:25PM
  • the john oshaughnessy who was killed in a car accident,

    he was  killed on christmas eve.

    regards john.


    Thursday 7th February 2013, 11:28PM
  • john shaughnessy, his wifes maiden name was

    catherine (kate) meade, from kildimo co limerick.

    i have estimated they married between 1930-35.

    the marriages were usually performed in the brides parish.

    add kildimo co limerick to your parish list, on ireland reaching out, 

    it might jog the memory of some one in that area.


    regards john.


    Monday 11th February 2013, 12:42AM
  • Hello Paul,

    I'm on this site looking for the Anglim family from the O'Callaghan's Mill area of Clare, and your name came up when I searched. Are your Anglims from anywhere in Clare?


    Janelle Collins

    janellemcollins at hotmail dot com


    Thursday 14th November 2013, 02:42AM
  • look up,

    Membrane Technology Askeaton,

    John Anglim, is the owner,father of Paul,

    they live in Ballysteen,

    i phoned john, he does not believe any of

    his anglim ancestors are from ocallaghans mills.





    Thursday 14th November 2013, 05:07PM
  • Hi Jennifer,

    I have sent you an email regarding John O'Shaughnessy who was my mother's grandfather.


    Tuesday 1st July 2014, 08:04PM
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  • Hello
    I am the Grandaughter of John and Catherine O'Shaughnessy.
    My Mother Sarah was the middle child.
    Also known as Ester/ Essie/Ettie.
    I have some family history if you would like it.
    My Grandfather was killed on Christmas Eve 1968 at Morenane Cross by a drunk driver.
    I was 10 months old at the time.
    Please get back to me if you need information

    Michelle Mitchell

    Saturday 29th April 2017, 09:24AM
  • My Grandparents married in 1897. Not 1930/35 as posted by John.

    Michelle Mitchell

    Saturday 29th April 2017, 09:30AM