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Looking for Hannon ancestors

I'm looking for information about my ggg grandfather Peter Hannon born the 26 of August 1830 at the Plains of Boyle according to his obituary. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a bapitism record for him. He died in Folsom, California in August 1885. He emigrated to America in 1850 and that same year settled in Folsom, California. He was a miner and from his wonderful obituary it states he had many narrow and remarkable escapes from death.

My family and I will be visiting the area in less than two weeks. I would love to figure out who his parents were and to possibly connect with any Hannons still in the area. Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,

Shelly Blair

Shelly Blair

Wednesday 30th May 2018, 09:40PM

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  • Hello Ms. Blair --  Jane Ryan sent your note on to me to see if I may be of any assistance. My name is Steve Lemken and my relations came from the area around Kesh Corran, outside of Balymote, Co. Sligo. I've had a small cottage near there in Culfadda for 20 plus years adn have gotten to know the are a bt, having researched my ancestors and relations in the area. It has not been easy - but because I learned early on where they were from - the specific town land and parish - I've managed. I am working with neighbors in the parish now to piece together abits of history and the populations of the parish's town lands going back to at least the Great Hunger. Irish records are a jumble, especially for those in the West. It takes time and patience. We must also reckon in the loss of many records over the years - espicially government and other records before 1900 due to fires and war. It helps to know, as specifically as possible, the townland and/or parish where your ancestor was born. I see from your note that your ancestor was born on the 'Plains of Boyle' -an area I've learned to recognize as one covering many miles south of the town of Boyle and surrounding lands and lakes. In addition, the surname Hannon is a very common last name in the Boyle area. I know because many of my neighbors in the Culfadd are - which is not far from Boye but in the old parish of Drumrat - has numerous Hannon's - many directly related. The old parish of Toomour next door also have numerous Hannon's. Keash, Culfadda, Gurteen and Ballymote are all north of Boyle. You'll note if youdrive towards these areas from Boyle that you are ascending into hillier terrain. Looking back from a high point along, say the Boyle-Culfadd road - you can clearly see and appreciate the 'plains of Boyle' and the size of the area. Now - all that doesn't help you locate anyone who might be a relation. You still need to find a connection from the past to a parish or town land. I recommend a visit to a genealogical center inn Co Rsocommon - in Strokestown in fact - lovely town - and speak with folks there. Here is the URL address to help. You'll note they have many services - and there is a charge if they do the work. But - you can ask questions and see what happens. Now - there is the free way of looking - and that takes some finger tapping on your part. I've included some of the sites that have helped us in getting to past people's in our area. You should revew the sites and get comfortable using their search engine and seeing what documents they have and what you may get when you tap in your ancestor's name. You may get lucky. Or you may have a interesting wlak through the records - because sometimes folks are palced in odd places. This is - if reocrded at all or on the date you may have in hand. Given that your man Peter was born in 1830 - I think checking the Tithe applotments lists - looking for Hannons and maybe a Peter Hannon senior - is one trail to follow. Also - the Griffith Valuation will give you Hannon's in Roscommon - and I would look for a Peter - names follow in families and someone else - a cousin perhaps - may be in there. Looking at earliest church records for marriages or deaths for Hannons - especially a Peter - would be advisable. On another track - checking ship passneger logs for those coming into the States may be friutful - especially for 1850. I am not familair with Irish passenger listings as much - but the outgoing lists may be available. Check online. Most helpful to me were books to help me learn - the best I have is John Grenham's "Tracing your Irish Ancestors" - get the 4th edition - look onlne for him too because he has a site that is helpful too and it is free [I believe]. Check out Roscommon town too - the county seat - for resources at their library. Finding a place helps greatly. But, at the least, when you go into a pub or restaurant and start tlaking with folks about the why you are in Ireland - you can drop the hint that you are looking for Peter Hannon's home and enjoy the conversation that may follow. I hope this and the sites below are helpful to you. I've been 'doing' genealogy research for 30 years and have been lucky - and not mucky. There are more brick walls than answers - but I do get surprised when the wall gets breached and there is a wide open field with some answers on the quest. Good luck and god speed. Steve   Steve Lemken



    The Tithe Applotment Books are records compiled between 1823 and 1837 to determine the amount which occupiers of agricultural holdings over one acre should pay in tithes to the Church of Ireland. We recommend a visit to the sites below for more information.


    More information may be found at the National Archives Genealogy Website. Access the Census Records for 1901 and 1911 and many other informative sites at http://www.genealogy.nation-

    Parish Online Resources

    Diocese of Achonry | County of Sligo Variant forms of parish name: Keash [includes townlands in Drumrat and Toomour]

    This website contains images from the National Library of Ireland’s collection of Catholic parish register microfilms. The registers contain records of baptisms and marriages from the majority of

    Catholic parishes in Ireland and Northern Ireland up to 1880. Go to These are incomplete but you may be surprised!

    Other online resources for other denominations may be found at County_Sligo,_Ireland_Genealogy#Church_Records

    Griffith’s Valuation 1858

    County of Sligo, Barony of Corran, Union of Boyle

    Griffith’s Valuation is the name given to the Primary Valuation of Ireland, a property tax survey carried out in the mid-nineteenth century. The survey involved the detailed valua- tion of every taxable piece of property and published county-by-county between 1847 and 1864.

    The information with tenant and owner names for this town land is below. You can see the rest by going to the page on the GV site.

    Explore Griffith’s Valuation online at these sites:

    Drumrat Sligo

    Monday 4th June 2018, 11:22PM
  • Hello Steve, Thank you so much for all the information, your very helpful. I really apreciate it!

    I think, that I just might go to the Genealogical Center in Strokestown at your recommendation. I do plan to visit Boyle for a least a day and the area and would love to talk to some locals.

    I have really only been doing genealogy for about 3 years or so. I've made some amazing discoveries, finding my Irish ancestors is one. I didn't know anything about any of them till just a few years ago. My mother is a Welch and our Welch ancestor was from Mayo...still trying to narrow it down, but I think Westport area. We have a Kennedy from Limerick...Peter's wife and an O'Conner from Tipperary. I may not find out which townland they all were from on this trip, but that means I'll just have to come back. :)

    Thank you again Steve!

    Michelle Blair


    Shelly Blair

    Tuesday 5th June 2018, 09:09PM