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I've just found out that the family who I thought came from Cork actually lived previously in Passage West. The oldest I can find is Jeremiah Harrington whose first son Daniel was baptised in 1799. They lived in Toureen. 


Tuesday 25th February 2020, 08:11AM

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  • Hi Jane G,

    Jane Halloran Ryan of IrelandXO has asked me to take a look at your query.

    I have found the Baptism of  Daniel Harrington of Jeremiah Harrington and Catherine Carthy in 1799 and also the baptisms of other Harringtons in the Toureen area but of apparently different parents to Daniel but some with the common first name of the father being Jeremiah. I also noted that thje surname of the mother in at least two other baptisms was McCarthy rather than Carthy and with Johanna being a first name. It appears that there were at least two families of Harrington's in Toureen.

    in order to assist me in checking this further, would you please let me have whatever information tou have on the Harringtons that you are most sure of that are related to you. It would be helpful if you would address this info to my personal address frankfahy054@gmail.comas it is much easier & quicker to access. I dont mind if you copy it to IrelandXO as well.

    I will help as much as I can as soon as I receive the info.

    Frank Fahy

    Abbeystrowry Cork

    Tuesday 25th February 2020, 08:21PM
  • My apologies, email address should have read

    Abbeystrowry Cork

    Tuesday 25th February 2020, 08:24PM