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Trying to find anyone who may know or have information on the following person/people.  Having a very hard time trying to locate Great-great Grandmother.

Here is what I know -

She was born abt. 1880 - on all records she states Northern Ireland and on her first child's birth certificate states Cork.

She travels back and forth, marries twice, has 9 children and uses all different ways of her several names I will list all names:

Jennie Regina Harrigan (maiden name) Jennie R McCue, Jennie R Zuras, Regina Harrigan McCue, Recine McCue, Regina Zuras, Annie Harrigan

Her first husband is John H McCue also born in Northern Ireland. abt. 1861

They come to USA and live in New Jersey.  They have 2 daughters Mary McCue(1898) and Edna McCue(1899) and then Jennie is pregnant with her son John Leo McCue(1901) who is also John's - but she leave New Jersey and winds up in Greece where John is born.  She travels back to USA and marries George Nichlis Zuras (Greece 1881) in 1902, they come through Ellis Island and George is naturalized in Connecticut in 1903.  I know that John H McCue passes away in 1907.  When Jennie comes back she lists the 3 children above as George's children with the last name Zuras.

George and Jennie have 6 more children; Constantino, Georgie, Alice, Regina, Beatrice and Kathaleen, all born in Washington DC.  George's family runs a produce stand in Washington DC Central Market and George also works part time for Sinter Paint Dealer.  They reside at 417 1st Street NE Washington, DC until George's death in 1930.  Jennie passes in Seat Pleasant, MD in 1939.  

I can find nothing on Jennie until the birth of her first child and everything above.  I do not know how she came to USA or when, I do not know is she has siblings or who her parents are.  The family that remains knows nothing more of Jennie or George except when they are back in the US.  If anyone can help, I would so appreciate it.  Thank you!





Thursday 28th April 2022, 12:49PM

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  • Sharon,

    Have you searched for JANE Harrigan in the Irish records? Jennie was a nickname for Jane.  



    Thursday 28th April 2022, 01:20PM
  • Have you searched for JANE Harrigan in the Irish records? Jennie was a nickname for Jane.  

    Yes, try it! 


    Thursday 28th April 2022, 05:49PM
  • Thank you for that.  I can't seem to find her under Jane either.  On all documents I can find she either goes by Jennie R. McCue or Zuras, Regina McCue or Zuras, and on one she has Annie McCue in quotes.  And she travels around like a gypsy, lol.  

    Here is some, but not all of what I have found

    Regina McCue was born in 1880 in Northern Ireland. She married George Nicholas Zuras in 1902 in District of Columbia.  She died on April 20, 1939, in Seat Pleasant, Maryland, at the age of 59, and was buried in Suitland, Maryland.

    Regina McCue

    2nd Spouse

    George Nicholas Zuras


    Unknown father

    Unknown mother

    George Nicholas Zuras was born in 1881 in Greece. He married Regina McCue in 1902 in District of Columbia. He died on August 18, 1931, in District of Columbia at the age of 50.

    1st Spouse

     John H McCue

    Gender:               Male

    Birth Place:         United States

    Residence Place:              New Jersey, USA

    Spouse: Jennie Hannigen

    Child:     Mary E McCue

    When Edna McCue Zuras was born in 1899 in New Jersey, her father, John, was 38, and her mother, Jennie, was 19.

    Edna McCue Zuras


    John H McCue

    Jennie Hannigen

    Jennie Hannigen was born in 1880 in Northern Ireland. She had three children with John H McCue, six children with George Zuras. She died on April 20, 1939, in Maryland at the age of 59, and was buried in Suitland, Maryland.

    John H McCue was born in 1861 in New Jersey. He had two daughters and one son with Jennie Hannigen between 1897 and 1901.


    Friday 29th April 2022, 01:54PM
  • Sharon,

    At rootsireland I found the following Jane Hannigans:

    Civil Birth Hanagan Jane 1873 Co. Laois
    Church Baptism Hannigan Jane 1877 Co. Derry
    Civil Birth Hannigan Jane 1877 Co. Derry
    Church Baptism Hannigan Jane 1870 Co. Limerick
    Civil Birth Hanaghan Jane 1881 Co. Donegal
    Church Baptism Hannigan Jane 1881 Co. Derry
    Church Baptism Hannigan Jane 1868 Co. Derry
    Civil Birth Hannigan Jane 1868 Co. Tyrone
    Church Baptism Hannigan Jane 1867 Co. Down

    Do you know the names of your Jane's parents? What does the 1900 census say about her birth month? This info could, of course, help you to identify the correct Jane. Also, what were her daughters' named? Usually the first or second girl was named after the maternal grandmother.

    You can see the above civil birth records for free on


    Friday 29th April 2022, 05:39PM
  • Sharon,

    It seems odd that Jennie was married to George in 1902, but that her husband John lived until 1907.  Did they divorce?  Are you sure the 1907 John is the correct one?  Just checking...


    Friday 29th April 2022, 05:57PM
  • I thought it odd too.  But according to the death index on ancestry it's the same John Mccue. I can't be positive because it's all very vague. Nobody alive remembers any of the exact details. If you have access to ancestry my tree is public it's under Sharon Mccaffrey Sweeney. If you click on my husband Walter Sweeney Junior Jenny is his great great grandmother on his mother side her name is Edna Sweeney. It's kind of a mess if you click into the Zuras or the McCues because I just saved everything not knowing what to keep and what not to keep.

    There's conflicting information that she was born in the USA but on all of the census and paperwork she says northern Ireland is where she was born there is no exact date of birth but I did find her gravesite which is in my gallery of pictures under her. I know she marries John H mccue has Mary Edna and she's pregnant with John mccue's when she winds up in Greece where she gives birth to John comes back over to the USA in 1902 and Marries George Zuras and when she comes back all three of the mccue children now have the last name of Zuras.

    I have been working on trying to find Jenny and George Zuras for over a year and a half and it's almost as if they didn't exist until he comes over here in 1902 except for when Jenny is married to McCue and lives in Camden New Jersey and has the two girls.

    equally trying to find my maternal grandfather who was adopted at two years old in Baltimore I have all the records of his baptism certificate the adoption paperwork he's adopted parents I have the name of his birth parents and I can't find them either lol. I'm such a novice have no experience but can track every other family member back to the 1600s LOL. So I appreciate all the help that you've given me greatly you have no idea


    Saturday 30th April 2022, 02:35PM
  • So John McCue 1828-1908 & wife Mary 1830-1889, originally buried Saint Patrick’s Cemetery, Westfield Avenue and Federal Street, Camden can be found:

    John H McCue born abt 1859 dies 23 Jan 1903.  John H McCue, Jr was 1st married to Mary O’Neal she dies 29 Aug 1895.  He and his 2nd wife Jennie live in Camden at 922 Federal St until 1903.  Jennie has a sister Ann Whitney from Washington DC who visits her after John’s death.   As far as I can tell Jennie was never in Greece. John Leo McCue would have been born in Camden, NJ.   

    Jennie most likely moved to Washington, DC to be closer to her sister.


    Wednesday 11th May 2022, 09:20PM
  • Ok, I think I have the correct family now. Jane Hannigan, daughter of John Hannigan & Ellen Dugan/Doogan b. 9 Mar 1869 Londonderry, Ireland

    John & Ellen of Bellagy, Ballyscullion, Magherafelt, Londonderry other children:

    Mary b. 1866 married to James Wilson

    Theresa b. 1871 married to George Lawton

    John Jr. b. 1873 married to Martha Moody

    Patrick b. 1876

    Anne b. 1879 married to Robert Whitley





    Thursday 12th May 2022, 04:08PM
  • Oh my goodness, you are AMAZING!!! I don't know how you found this but THANK YOU. This was not even close to what I was finding on ancestry, family search, etc.  


    Thursday 12th May 2022, 05:01PM