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Looking for info on "Big Irish" John Brannan b 1745 Stradbally, Waterford - d 1804 Berkeley County, WV, USA

I'm looking for any information on Patrick Brannan/Brannen/Brannon family (Stradbally, Waterford) 1727-1797 m Permelia Noland 1724-1776. They had 3 children 1) "Big Irish" John 1745-1804  m Rebecca Baldwin 1766 PA,USA   2) Rebecca Noland 1748-1823 m James Gano 1765 NJ,USA  3) Thomas 1755-1837 m Mary Goodrich 1785 Maine/USA. 



Wednesday 24th July 2019, 07:40PM

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  • Hi,

    The parish registers for Stradbally start in 1805. There will not be any more records available before that I'm afraid.


    Friday 26th July 2019, 11:32AM
  • Hello Miriam,

    Unfortunately, that's what I was afraid of. My 91 yr old mother has spent years trying to find information on her Irish ancestor John Brannan - so I thought I would reach out to the people of Stradbally thru Ireland-XO as a last resort. 

    Many thanks for your timely reply - it is greatly appreciated.

    Warmest regards,



    Saturday 27th July 2019, 03:50AM
  • Kathy,

    It is a pain but unfortunately it happens to most of us when we get to around 1800.

    The only other suggestion is for your mother to do a DNA test that may show matches to others who may know more about the family. 

    Good Luck.


    Saturday 27th July 2019, 06:13PM
  • Hello Mirium,

    Mother did do a DNA test thru her membership - but I have no idea how to match it against the Irish database ?

    Ten years ago my daughter spent 4 years working in Tinahely, County Wicklow for a large Thoroughbred racing facility and absolutely loved it there - but - she never had time to go search any of the graveyards in Stradbally, Waterford for mother because she was working 7 days a week, living on the farm and had very little transportation. So I'd venture to say we've probably lost the best opportunity we had. My daughter (Kara) keeps saying she wants to go back to Ireland to visit old friends one of these days and I told her she will have to take me with her - maybe we can do some additional research for John Branna if/when that trip ever happens ? He married Mary Baldwin and they had a large family in Berkeley County, West Virginia - some of whom went on to be lawyers, judges and prominant politial figures. There is also a Brannan/Brannen/Brannon Cemetery and I did take mother to visit it (attached a photo) but unfortuntaely, it is so old and was unkept for years that many of the headstones have fallen over and the ones still standing are pretty much unreadable. 

    Thanks again for your correspondence,




    Sunday 28th July 2019, 12:32PM

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  • Hi Kathy,

    Ancestry DNA matches with everybody who does an Ancestry test all over the world not simply the country you reside in. So it is possible that your mother already has matches to descendants of the Brannan family.

    You can send a message through Ancestry to any of the DNA matches and hopefull they will reply.

    If you/your mother do not have a family tree on Ancestry it would be very useful to start one and leave it open to public viewing, that way anybody who matches your mother on DNA can see it and it may lead to new discoveries. And you should be able to see any public trees of your matches and compare to your tree. Ancestry does not display the details of anybody on your tree who is living, just in case you have privacy concerns. 


    Monday 29th July 2019, 05:36PM
  • Kathy, can you clarify the name of John's wife?  She's Rebecca in your opening post and Mary in a later one.

    Have you added a profile for each of the family to their parish? 

    Maggie May

    Monday 29th July 2019, 10:41PM
  • Hey Miriam,

    Mother does have a family tree on Ancestry and it is open to the public - I'm assuming you do too - so here's the link to her tree - hopefully, you can access it ? I will have to get her DNA kit out and look up her number so I can check for any DNA matches - I'm fairly new at this - I've just been trying to help her tidy up some loose ends ! She is connected to the Brannon/Brannen/Brannan's thru John Brannon's sister Rebecca Noland Brannon who married James Gano. Unfortunately, many people get John's sister Rebecca mixed up with his wife (Rebecca Baldwin) in their trees ?


    Hello Maggie May,

    I stand corrected - John married Rebecca Baldwin - it was his younger brother Thomas who married Mary Goodrich - sorry about that:

    I'm looking for any information on Patrick Brannan/Brannen/Brannon family (Stradbally, Waterford) 1727-1797 m Permelia Noland 1724-1776. They had 3 children 1) "Big Irish" John 1745-1804  m Rebecca Baldwin 1766 PA,USA   2) Rebecca Noland 1748-1823 m James Gano 1765 NJ,USA  3) Thomas 1755-1837 m Mary Goodrich 1785 Maine/USA. 

    Regards to you both


    P.S. I hope I am answering posts appropriatly - not sure how to do it individually - sorry ?



    Tuesday 30th July 2019, 01:30PM
  • Hi Kathy,

    You don't need to find your mother's DNA number, as it was done with Ancestry it will be already on the Ancestry page. Top left, click the DNA tab. You can see all her matches and the predicted relationship. You have the option of contacting any of her matches but of course they also have the option not to reply and that happens quite often.

    You may need to link the DNA to her tree but it is very easy, use the help button or go on YouTube where there are very helpful videos, literally search for Ancestry DNA and you will get many. 

    Trust me Kathy, if you can send and receive messages here you can figure out Ancestry DNA. 

    Best of luck with it.


    Wednesday 31st July 2019, 10:57AM
  • Mirium - you are my hero !

    Many thanks for your help regarding how to search mother's DNA matches !! I found the link via her Ancestry Family Tree right where you said it would be - and - I managed to do a search for Brannen/Brennen/Brannon/ etc - low and behold there were several matches - soooooo - I sent off inquiries and will patiently wait for any replies !!

    Many thanks for your help -  if you ever make it to the States (anywhere near Ocala, FL) please don't hesitate to get in touch !!

    Warmest regards,



    Thursday 1st August 2019, 12:28PM
  • Hi Kathy,

    I knew you could do it!

    Hopefully you will make new connections.

    You just missed me Kathy, I was in Florida in April :)

    Best of luck with your future research.


    Friday 2nd August 2019, 04:06PM
  • Miriam - many thanks for your help - will catch up with you the next time you're in FL :-) 


    Saturday 3rd August 2019, 12:19PM