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I am part of the 5th generation descended from Patrick Walsh born 1778 in Ireland according to his headstone on Allan's Island, a tiny island  very close to the south coast of Newfoundland. On that stone it says he died June 4, 1863 and says he was a native of Ireland.On that stone is listed the name Judy Walsh who  died 1844 at age 40; maybe a daughter.

I believe that Patrick may have arrived in Newfoundland aboard a fishing vessel from east coast of Ireland; aboard either an Irish or and English fishing vessel which stopped in that area to pick of extra crew. In the cemetery of maybe 30 headstones is a headstone in front of Patrick's stone  which identifies the person (name unknown) being from Kilkenny. So it is possible they were mates. I know the name Walsh in very common  in the area of the east coast of Ireland among other places.

That is all the information I have. This is the only place I have requested information.


Wednesday 7th July 2021, 10:08PM

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  • Steve:

    The subscription site Roots Ireland has 17 Patrick Walsh baptismal records in Co. Kilkenny in the 1770s including 3 records in 1778,

    There are also a number of parishes in Co. Kilkenny which do not have records back to the 1770s.

    So if your Patrick Walsh was from Co. Kilkenny, we don't know if his record is part of the 17 mentioned above or no record is available because the parish he was baptized in no longer has records back to the 1770s.

    You don't mention whether ot not you have done DNA testing. Looks like you are eligible to take the Y-DNA test which tracks your pure paternal line (father, grandfather, his father and so on back on the Walsh line).  The Y- test will take you back to the 1700s and possibly give you some clues on the county where your Walshs originated.

    The other test is the standard DNA test also known as the autosomal test which tracks all of your paternal and maternal lines. From your matches you may get some clues on your Walsh line.

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 9th July 2021, 10:34PM