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Looking for James and Thomas McGuinness

Both James and Thomas moved to Liverpool in the 1840s to work on the Liverpool docks as Slaters and Plasterers. It is assumed that they are brothers. Both families developed Slating businesses over the years. I have a marriage record for James and  Mary McNally in 1845 in Haggardstown , Louth which I have added to his ancestor profile on IrelandXO. I have found nothing on birth records. Nor found anything on Thomas. Any other sources of information or directions to search would be greatly appreciated. Roger McGuinness


Roger McGuinness

Monday 13th April 2020, 06:42PM

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  • Hi Roger, I see 3 James McGinniss including one James McGennis married in Louth between 1840 and 1850, am assuming you have births of children giving the mothers name to verify the 1845 marriage. The problem we not have is that a parents name to locate any birth record, do you have an approximate year of birth,

    There is a James born in Haggardstown but no brother Thomas (in the search he has one sibling Ned (Edward) mother is Brady, however there is also a Thomas born in Haggardstown with a mother Boyle, a number of siblings, could theybe cousins, I attach the two records below from a subscription site. 

    Name:  James Magenis Date of Baptism: 08-Jan-1812

    Address: Thomastown  Parish/District:  HAGGARDSTOWN County Co. Louth

    Denomination:  Roman Catholic

    Father: Owen Magenis  Mother: Catherine Brady

    Informant 1:       Patt Mathews

    Informant 2:       Nancy Clerk        


    Name:  Thomas Mcginiss  Date of Baptism:   27-May-1809

    Address: Mahorriah        Parish/District:  HAGGARDSTOWN County Co. Louth

    Denomination:  Roman Catholic

    Father: John Mcginis      Mother: Margt Boyle

    Informant 1:       Hugh Craven

    Informant 2:       Margt Mccooye

    I cannot locate the 2nd placename as it is either an old spelling or not turning up on a civil record of the area, relgious parishes were not exactly matched to the civil parish of the same name, you can see the actual registers here, search by year and month only you can see the civil parishes and townlands here, Thomastown is probably much more developed now that then.

    There is an interesting site about Louth here

    Revert if you think there is more can be sought.



    St Peters Louth

    Monday 13th April 2020, 08:57PM