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I'm looking for information about the Kilclonfert Church, Daingean Parish, King County outside Tillamore. If any of that isn't correct or doesn't make sense, I apologize. I am going by information I found on Ancestry. My 3rd great grandparents were married there on Jan. 21, 1830, Mary Lenehan, (daughter of Patritii Lenehan and Honora Mahoney), and Patrick (Smyth) Smith. I'm so excited to be visiting Ireland for the first time with my neice in August 7-12. We will be staying in Tullamore and hoping to find landmarks, houses, churches and maybe (fingers crossed), homesteads while we are there!

Any help or advice with this search would be so appreciated!

Thank you,

Deidre Ploog

Deidre Ploog

Sunday 19th Jun 2022, 10:16AM

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  • Deirdre,

    There is a History Centre in Tullamore  -  Offaly History Centre at Bury Quay, Tullamore. 

    There is alo a survey on burial grounds in County Offaly by Stephen Calaghan of the Heritage Office.

    I cannot forward the detail, due to its size, but you can access it by Googling - Offaly Burial Database 2015



    Sunday 19th Jun 2022, 11:29AM
  • Deirdre:

    I think the church you are looking for is St. Coleman's  which is one of the four churches in the RC parish of Daingean.

    I searched on the subscription site Roots Ireland and the only Smith/Lenehan marriage I located was January 24 1830 between a William Smyth and a N. Lenehan. This marriage was in Daingean RC parish.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 19th Jun 2022, 12:23PM
  • Deirdre:

    I checked the parish register and the January 24 entry shows William Smyth and Mary Lenahan. I did not see a January 21st marriage


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 19th Jun 2022, 12:27PM
  • Thank you both for your help! I will be looking at all of the information today. It's exciting to finally put my feet down in the areas they may have lived, to finally see it.


    Deidre Ploog

    Monday 20th Jun 2022, 07:04PM
  • Liz, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Wednesday 6th Jul 2022, 03:51PM
  • Hi Deirdre:  


    Liz had some difficulties with her reply post so I'm copying it below for you:


    Hi Deidre

    I live in Tullamore and will be here at the time you are here and could meet you. Where are you staying in Tullamore?

    I have a book here  Towards a history of Kilclonfert offaly, you could borrow while here

    There are Smiths living in Kilclonfert, not sure if they are any connection to your smiths/Lenehan. both name are local and plentiful to that area

    will try to do some research,

    Chrch in Daingean have a fer records, You could ring/phone

    Parish Priest
    Declan Thompson SPS PP

    St Mary's, Daingean, Co Offaly

    T: +353 57 9362653


    If you have any difficulties, please let me know at: and I'll ask Liz to contact you directly,  


    Enjoy your trip.


    All the best,



    Jane H, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 7th Jul 2022, 03:21PM
  • Hello! This is a reply to Roger-

    Thank you again for your posts and helping me find the church I'm looking for.

    I do have a question about the church and the parish register entry. The church is St Coleman's in RC parish of Daingean but the information above the image of the parish register entry says "Philipstown; County of Offaly; Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin. Marriages, Sep. 1829 to July 1830". It doesn't say Kilclonfert Church, St Coleman's or Daingean parish. I know both Smith/Smyth and Lenehan are not uncommon names but what you found out is of course too exact not to be them! I just wondered about all the different names and places. I'll be out there in a few days and I'm exited about finding all the information I can.

    Thank you!


    Deidre Ploog

    Wednesday 3rd Aug 2022, 10:43AM

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