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I am trying to locate where my McGrath ancestors originated from in Limerick.


A few details about them:

James McGrath (c1810-) was married to Johanna Collins (c1810-1886) around 1830.

The couple had at least five children –

Michael (c1832-1905)

Mary (c1835-1878)

Julia (c1836-1925)

Johanna (c1840-1925)

Ellen (c1842-1923)


The children and Johanna emigrated to Melbourne, Australia over the 1850’s and 1860’s, although I’m not sure what happened to James. Their passenger records and marriage certificates all state they came from Limerick. On the birth certificate of one of Mary’s  children, Mary’s birthplace is stated as ‘Lahill’, whilst a similar certificate for Julia states her birthplace as ‘Cahill’ or ‘Cahile’. I’ve attached copies of the original transcription.


My question is, does anyone know where Lahill/Cahill/Cahile might be?


The family were Roman Catholic, and unfortunately I have been unable to locate any church records that might hint at their origin. The only location I could find remotely similar was the RC Parish of Loghill/Loughill, but I haven’t found any evidence to suggest they lived there (the RC records for this area only seem to start from 1855).  


Many thanks


Wednesday 12th Jun 2024, 12:30PM

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