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Hi all, I'm looking for details of Mary Flanagan before she was sent to Australia as an Orpan Girl when she was 17 on the vessel William & Mary. She was born in Bray/Wicklow in 1832 and died in Carcoar, NSW Australia in 1902.   She ma rried William Hazleton (Hazelton) when she was 18 and had 10 children. One of those was the father of the founders of Hazelton Airlines in Australia, Max and Jim Hazelton, which was sold to Ansett and subsequently REX Airlines.

Mary is part of a memorial to the Orphan Girls in Macquarie Place Sydney. 

I'm looking for the circumstances of her being put into a workhouse as a child by her parents, Dennis (? or William?) and Maria/Mary Botts.

All information gratefully received.

Great great granddaughter



Sunday 14th March 2021, 11:21PM