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Looking for McCarrick relatives In Ireland

Thinking about visiting Ireland from Minnesota, USA and connecting with McCarrick's.  Frank McCarrick (1844) is my Great Great Grandfather.  One of his son's is my Great Grandfather Richard McCarrick who was married (Sarah Loftus) at Castleconor in 1889.  My grandfather Johnnie McCarrick was born in the USA in 1891.  Not certain how this post works but thought I would try to send something off.  Thanks.



Minnesota Irish

Tuesday 12th December 2017, 03:25PM

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  • Minnesota Lass:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I located the 1867 civil birth record for Richard as well as his 1890 civil marriage record. The McCarricks lived in Ballymoneen townland and the Loftus family in Rinroe townland both in Castleconor parish. I was unable to locate a death record for Francis or Sarah. By 1901, the family was no longer in Ballymoneen and there were no Loftus families in Rinroe. The only McCarrick family in Castleconor parish was a Hugh McCarrick and his wife and son. See below.

    Do you have any additional info?

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Tuesday 12th December 2017, 04:20PM
  • Hi Roger,


    Thanks for the quick response.  I don't have a lot of additional information.  Richard and Sarah came to America in 1890 to Easton, Minnesota.  They had 6 children one of them being my Grandpa John Thomas McCarrick ( for whom I am named after!)  My Grandpa John married Monica Doyle.  Thomas Doyle (1818) and Catherine Durkin Doyle (1834) came to the USA from Ireland and had 9 children with Monica my Grandma being one of the children.  They lived in Easton, Minnesota also.  I don't want to ask too much of you but I would be interested in knowing more about the Doyle's and Durkins in Ireland.  Merry Christmas to you!  Thanks.  Tom Redman, Chaska, Minnesota




    Minnesota Irish

    Wednesday 13th December 2017, 02:12PM
  • Tom:

    I could not find any records for Thomas Doyle and Catherine Durkin either a marriage record or baptismal records for children. Durkin is almost exclusively a Sligo/Mayo surname while Doyle is found in every county with a large number in East Coast counties although the name was also found in Mayo and Sligo and in every county. If they were married in Ireland then likely Sligo/Mayo.


    Castlemore Roscommon

    Wednesday 13th December 2017, 11:45PM
  • Tom:

    My great granfmother was Bridget McCarrick who was born in Maugherbrach, County Sligo in 1833.  Her McCarricks came here around the 1850's and settled in central western New York State near Geneva, NY.  My great grandfather, Richard Howley, was from Carraun, County Sligo in Castleconnor Parish.  Carraun is only a mile or so from Maugherbrach.  Bridget was his second wife and they were married here and lived in Phelps, NY.  Bridget had brothers Frank and Patrick and several sisters in the Geneva area and I am quite sure they were related to the MN McCarricks, but can't find the connecting person.  I visited Sligo a couple of years ago and there was an elderly woman who was a McCarrick living on R297 north of Ballina..  I think she was a decendant of Hugh McCarrick. These McCarricks in Castleconnor and Kilglass Parishes lived within a few miles of one another.  Very pretty country.

    My email is   Bill Witt


    Tuesday 10th April 2018, 08:26PM