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My name is Kevin Murphy. I am a co-administrator in the Murphy DNA Project at Familytreedna. There are several men who began Murphy families throughout Ireland. It appears to be very likely that Wexford Murphys are related to Diarmad Mac Murchadha directly or through his family in general. The men in the project with an ancestor traced to Wexford appear to share matches with the modal group in the Cavanaugh DNA Project and a large number of Kinsella men(who don't appear to have their own project). Two of Diarmaid Mac Murchadha's sons are the ancestor of the Cavanagh and Kinsella families.
I am quite confident in the findings regarding the Wexford Murphys, but would like to see if anyone might binterest any Murphys from Wexford with history in Wexford to take a Y DNA test through familytreedna to help further solidify the research.

I am a volunteer, do not get paid by FamilyTreeDNA, and will help anyone with tracing their ancestors so please feel free to reach out and ask.


Kevin Murphy


It appears these aforementioned Hy Kinsella Murphys share an ancestor less than 2000 years ago with the modal Murphy family whose origins are spread and account for the vast majority of those with ancestors identified throughout much of Munster. I am also part of this family. It is possible we are the Hy Felimy Murphys, however this is not for certain. I am trying to utilize DNA, historical sources, and hopefully some possible candidates who have Pedigrees associated with the lineages in question. I am very confident that these Hy Kinsella Murphys are related to Diarmaid Mac Murchadha as their DNA appears to confirm their connection with the aforementioned families. An alternative hypothesis for my own family would be that we might be related through the O'Moroghoe's Police maintained by the Hy Felimy referenced in the Irish Pedigrees.

Kevin Murphy

Tuesday 11th May 2021, 01:35AM

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  • Hi Kevin, thank you for posting. We hope you find members that are also interested.

    Kind regards, Denise, IrelandXO


    Wednesday 26th May 2021, 10:43AM
  • Hi Kevin,

    This is very interesting. My brother, Gary, has submitted his DNA to familytreeDNA and is in the Murphy project. I'm truly hoping to learn more. I can only trace our tree back to Patrick Joseph Murphy born in Adamstown sometime around 1840. I would truly like to confirm his parents. I know for certain he was very closely related to a Nicholas Murphy, born around 1804. He lived in Ballyshannon, Adamstown, County Wexford, Ireland. If there is a way I can spread your request, let me know. Have you posted this anywhere on Ancestry?  I'm also happy to post on Twitter. There is a big genealogy network on Twitter. Just let me know what you might like in the post.


    Ellen Murphy


    Monday 14th June 2021, 12:48PM
  • Hi Kevin,

    My name is Paul Murphy and my ancestors were from Wexford Town. 

    I had DNA analysis carried out by Ancestry and can download the results and send them to you if it's any help.


    Kind regards

    Wednesday 23rd June 2021, 02:15PM