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Looking for my Brophy/Kelly/ Lawlor family in the 1850-1870

Hi, I’m not really sure where I put this message so if anyone has other suggestions for me, please go for it.

I’ve been looking for my Irish ancestors for a number of years. I did my DNA 2 yrs. ago and not having much luck with Ireland.

My dna results say I’m 31% Irish, from North Munster, East Limerick and East Clare. My newest match on Ancestry has an Ellen Kelly born in Limerick.

Oddly enough I am 1 of 32 first cousins from this family and not one of them has any clue where in Ireland they came from. My maternal grandmother was Elizabeth F. Kelly, born in Phila. My mother never spoke of her Kelly Family.

My great grandfather was Dennis Kelly and he married Lizzie Brophy. They both eventually immigrated to Philadelphia, Pa.

They married there, had 6 children and both died in Phila. I have documentation on all of this from Phila.

Dennis had 3 brothers, William, Patrick and James. Patrick married Mary Colbert. They all resided in Phila. 

Lizzie had at least two sisters, Catherine who married Patrick Connelly and Bridget who married John Toomey. Again, all that is verified.

speculations is that the Kelly brothers’ parents were Bridget Ball and Patrick Kelly. However Dennis named his sons Joseph, John and Dennis, Jr.

Their daughter’s were Mary, Elizabeth and Margaret.

if anyone could help me or has any of these families in their tree, please let me know. Thanks, bunches.

Maria Hughes


Wednesday 12th June 2019, 01:12AM

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  • Maria:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I searched the subscription site Roots Ireland and did not find a marriage record for Denis Kelly and Lizzie Brophy. Do you have an approximate year when they married?

    Did Denis and Lizzie die between 1906-1964? If so, would likely have their death records which may list their parents names. Let me know and I can search.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Thursday 13th June 2019, 06:15PM
  • Maria:

    I may have some good news. I searched Roots Ireland for a Patrick Kelly/Bridget Ball marriage and found an 1839 marriage in Oughaval (Westport) RC parish. There was no address shown for Denis but Bridget was listed as being from Kilsallagh Upper townland which is Kilsallagh Upper now. I looked on Google Maps and Kilsallagh Upper is 18 kilometers west/southwest from Westport town.

    Let me know if you think this is the correct couple.

    Roger McDonnell

    Date of Marriage:12-Feb-1839
    Parish / District:Oughaval RC parish
    County:Co. Mayo

    Husband  PatrickKelly
    Wife BridgetBallAddress: Upper Kilsallagh

    Castlemore Roscommon

    Thursday 13th June 2019, 06:21PM
  • Roger,, sorry, I should have been more specific. Dennis Kelly immigrated to Phila. Sometime before 1870. I believe he was born in 1844 and died in 1892.

    Lizzie immigrated to Phila. Sometime before their marriage in Phila., 1876. I believe I have all or most of their info from USA.

    Yes, I think that may be Bridget Ball and Patrick Kelly. Dennis was born in 1844,William was born in 1843 and Patrick around 1850.

    I appreciate everyone’s input so far. As far as Bridget and Patrick, I will look further into it.

    I’m guessing that Lizzie came from Kilkenny but just a guess.



    Saturday 15th June 2019, 05:05AM
  • Sorry, Lizzie Kelly died in 1923 in Philadelphia.


    Saturday 15th June 2019, 05:08AM
  • Maria:

    So now you know that the Kellys came from the area near Westport!

    The RC marriage records for Oughaval start in 1831 but the baptismal records do not begin until 1845. I checked Roots Ireland and did not find any Kelly baptismal reocrds where the father was Patrick Kelly and the mother Bridget Ball. Likely all of the children were baptized pre-1845.

    I looked on but was unable to find the death record. I did notice that there is a Tom Schorn who has a tree with Dennis and Lizzie Kelly listed along with their children. He did not have a death date for Lizzie.


    Castlemore Roscommon

    Saturday 15th June 2019, 06:55PM
  • Yes, Tom and Jerry Schorn are my first cousins. They don’t know anymore than I do. The info they have is from me!

    Thanks! Maria


    Monday 17th June 2019, 01:41AM