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Looking for relatives

Hello.  My grandparents came from County Donegal, and settled in Canada.  I believe I must have second cousins still in Ireland, and would love to find them, but have no idea how to go about the search.  Can anyone advise me how to proceed?

Thank you

Debbie Alexander


Wednesday 7th April 2021, 12:24AM

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  • Hi Debbie,

    The following free sites may help: Tithe Records: 1823 to 1837 for Donegal -  - House and Land Valuations for Donegal 1840's/50 - - 1901/1911 Irish census - National Archives  - Births, Marriages and Deaths - From January 1st 1864 to 1920 (may not have been registered in many cases). If Roman Catholic - Church of Ireland marriages from 1845.



    Wednesday 7th April 2021, 11:48AM
  • Thanks so much for your help!  I will check out these sites.



    Wednesday 7th April 2021, 10:44PM
  • Hi
    Do you know where in Donegal they were from?
    Some towns have historical societies and there is a Donegal historical society.
    Can I ask your family/name that you are searching for.
    Good luck with your search.


    Friday 9th April 2021, 02:43PM