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Looking for relatives to James Patrick Holmes and Mary Ann Morley

 Greetings. Myself and some distant cousins have been trying to piece together our relatives and I’m trying to find any that may the current relatives living in Scotland or Ireland. James Patrick Holmes (possibly 3/16/1836)  who seems to be the son of Patrick James Holmes (possibly born 1801). James Patrick married Mary Ann Morley from Bekan Mayo. Another cousin believes they had a daughter Sarah Josephine holmes (October 17, 1882) in Blackburn England. Thank you for any help! We are headed to Ireland end of March and would love to find relatives.

Brenda Holmes

Tuesday 26th February 2019, 04:36AM

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  • Dear Brenda:  


    Thank you for your post to the Ireland Reaching Out message board.  There are numerous Mary Morley baptism records for the parish of Bekan, so that if you had a name and a possible year of birth, that would help to narrow down your search.  We can then assist you further with a local volunteer.

    Do you have any other information about James Patrick Holmes?  His parents' names, where he may have come from in Ireland?  You mention that he and Mary had children born in Blackburn.  Did they give any information as to where they resided beforehand or where they married?  Any information would be a great help.

    You can reply on this thread.

    Kind regards,



    Wednesday 27th February 2019, 11:57AM