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Looking for relatives of my grandmother, Elizabeth Kelly b.1886 emigrated from Eyrecourt with her mother, Elizabeth Clarke Kelly in 1900.

Paula Kennedy

Tuesday 18th October 2011, 12:50PM

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  • Hi,

    both Clarke and Kelly are very common family names in the Eyrecourt area. Do you have any further information that you can share, such as where they emigrated to, or what their family profession was before they left Eyrecourt?. I will do some searching this end to see what turns up. CC

    Christy Cunniffe

    Sunday 27th November 2011, 04:55PM
  • Clarke Kelly Family

    Griffiths Valuation of 1856 records a number of Clarke and Kelly families living in the village of Eyrecourt. These are listed below.

    Anne Kelly and a John Kelly lived in two separate houses in Market Street (plot numbers 5 and 6 inclusive).

    Edward Kelly (plot number 3) is recorded for New Road.

    A Thomas Kelly is recorded for River Street (plot number 7).

    Mary Kelly is recorded as having plots 17 and 18 in River Street.

    What is of interest is that a Bidelia Clarke held plot number 14 and Thomas Kelly had plots 15 and 16 in Main Street. Could these be your ancestors?

    A Mary Clarke shows up as living in plot 44 Main Street.  (CC)

    Christy Cunniffe

    Monday 28th November 2011, 09:34AM
  • Elizabeth Clarke's father was John Kelly She was born in 1871  He was a farmer She married Patrick Kelly (father Patrick) in 1885 ; he was a farmer also.  My grandmother, Elizabeth Catherine Kelly, was born in February, 1886  I understand that the older woman, my greatgrandmother, was a widow when she and my grandmother emigrated to the US in 1900. Both of their occupations on the ship's manifest are listed as 'servants'; emigrated from Eyrecourt. I was told my great grandmother had a 'shoppe' or might have worked for a shopkeeper.

    Margaret Flannery Costigan


    Wednesday 7th December 2011, 04:01PM