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Hope someone can help us please.
We're looking for a long term rental property in south Donegal from April 2022.
Preferably Ballyshannon, Bundoran or Donegal town but we're happy to look at other areas too.
Belleek would be good too.
Ideally a 2 bed house but will consider anything offered.
We're moving to Ireland and looking for a rental property whilst we look to buy.
We'd be excellent tenants!
We're told long term lets are difficult to get so would appreciate any help.
Thank you.


Sunday 24th October 2021, 08:12AM

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  • Hi Liberty,

    I suggest that you should contact an estate agent in the area you are looking at.

    This would be advisable if you are not familiar with the area and might be more reassuring when starting your search.

    I did a quick google and came across these in, or near Ballyshannon to help you start.


    Hope these are of help,




    Thursday 28th October 2021, 10:28AM
  • Hi
    we know these area's really well.
    We've been in touch with these agents, unfortunately they don't do rentals.
    Holiday lets, air bnb are all we could find and these rentals aren't any good, they're short term, as we need a long term rental at least 6 month's or a year.
    Hoping that one of the lovely people who read IRO messages might have a property they rent out or know of someone who does.
    Staying hopeful!
    Best wishes


    Saturday 30th October 2021, 12:37PM
  • Hi Liberty,

    I'm amazed that the agents don't do rentals.  I can understand your problem with Air B&B as regards short term, so that is difficult.

    The only other suggestion I'd have would be to place an ad on Done Deal or Adverts in the Donegal area and you might find someone happy to enter a longer-term agreement rather than just a holiday letting.

    I know there is a shortage of housing in general, but as you said, you'd think that someone would have a property that they'd be happy to let long-term to suitable tenants.



    Monday 1st November 2021, 11:54AM