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THOMAS HUMPHREYS and wife Mary (born Patterson) emigrated from Belfast to America in 1790 with a son Thomas, and possibly (as yet unfound) daughters.

We have been researching this family name for months, and tracing related lines across Fermanagh. In American histories, however, it is written that he came from Donegal, and we are thinking that perhaps he was related to the Humphreys (we have the burial records of a Thomas and an Edward in the 1780s) of Templecarn.

Thomas was 'landed' in Ireland, according to the histories, and his wife was given the 'title' of 'lady' when in America. We would love to know where he lived, where he married, anything about his family origins, or where his land was.

If anyone can help with information it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Rex Johnson  [rex1937(at)]       Lincolnshire England.


Thursday 1st November 2018, 12:04PM