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Seeking information regarding George Lilley his wife Jean Stalford and son Joseph Lilley. Thanks


Wednesday 17th Feb 2021, 12:34PM

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  • Hi E, can you give an approximate year of marriage or birth, neither name shows up in the Coutny Louth website that I can see.


    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Wednesday 17th Feb 2021, 05:00PM
  • Hi Pat,

    It's a bit of a stab in the dark hre, I'm afraid.  I have seen on a couple of trees that I am DNA linked to that they were from Louth, but on another tree I saw a marriage date, but it said Lisburn, Ireland 08/01/1853.  Seemingly, he worked on the railways. I'm totally confused by seeing 2 different pieces of information.  I have researched through the Scottish site, as I am from there, but now living in Australia, I can find no trace of them there either.  

    I appreciate you getting back to me Pat, I thought I might be missing something when I searched as I couldn't find them either. 


    E  (Edith)


    Thursday 18th Feb 2021, 03:44AM
  • Hi E, we will use the shortened verison, you are not as in the dark as you think I now believe, firstly the first railway in Ireland was in Dublin to Dun Laoighre but he 2nd one was Dublin to Drogheda about 30 miles north of Dublin arriving in 1844, there it met the river Boyne, sometime later the line arrived north of the river, not sure when but they had to build the Boyne Viaduct, still there and opened in 1852 to join the line from Belfast and Lisburn is on that line, so plenty of railway work at the time..

    The two names are so unusual here you are probably related to them all at some point, I checked Grifftihs Valuation done in 1861 or 1862 in the areas I see, there are 8 Lilley names (may be the same person twice in some cases if same Christian name) and 4 Stalfords, without meaning to offend but these are not usual Irish names and they are all in what is now Northern Ireland and part of the UK, The 4 entries for Stalford are in Hillsborough (County Down) and the 8 Lilley names are in Antrim; Fermanagh and Down so I assume the Lilley in Down is the one marrying the Stalford as probably neighbours but that is an assumption.… All the Stalfords live in the one townland so assume one family, I assume they are Protestant or Presbyterian (important as to were to look for records as civil registration for Protestant marriages commenced in 1845 and all BMDS in 1864) and can be seen free here use the civil icon and sign in but free, the church records are only for a few counties, Dublin; Cork and Kerry mainly. 

    Your marriage is there in 1853 in Lisburn and you can see the certificate too. 

    You should also try the Northern Ireland records office for records here 

    I see no record of children of the marriage, again back to religion, some Presbyterian records may not be available, Church of Irleand or Anglican records were lost in out Civil War about 40% plus and you can see on there website what records are available 

    It is probable that earlier in history your ancestors came from Scotland, northern Ireland was given over to settlers from the mid 1600s, known as the Ulster Plantantion if you wish to do some searching, mind you they are tenants in Griffiths so were not among the land owning classes.

    I hope that gets you on your way, some of these area may have Facebook pages dealing with local genealoy on a county or even a parish basis if you want to look and also see here see Lilley and Lillie here but no Stalford, it is a nice site but was down a couple of years ago and not sure if it is only there now for research or is active, there is a County Down Facebook page which is fairly active and some doing DNA if that is your thing.

    Happy Hunting


    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Thursday 18th Feb 2021, 03:01PM
  • Dear Pat

    I wish to thank you for your above information - I found another link in my family on my fathers side.  Your link led me to discover the Clays, registered baptisms and DOB's at St Peters Parish in the City of Dublin.  I can now verify this in my family tree.  Thanks to you.




    Thursday 18th Mar 2021, 11:11AM
  • Edith, thanks for that, nice to receive thanks. 


    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Friday 19th Mar 2021, 09:58PM

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