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Lughlin Mill


My great grand father in 1890 was working for Phil Brady, Dorough,Lughlin Mills, Cootehill, Co Cavan.

I cannot find record of Lughlin Mill, Dorough.  I am interested as to what type of mill and if it is possible to find record of employees.




Sunday 19th July 2020, 08:19AM

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  • Do you have any other details that might help narrow down the search for this location ?
    e.g. census return, birth or marriage cert. etc showing where your great-great grandfather lived at this time.. having a details of the associated parish or civil registration district could help

    hopefully the family lived near this mill and it might provide a more detailed location to start a search...




    Saturday 25th July 2020, 12:04PM
  • Hi,

    His address at the time was White Star, Cootehill, Co Cavan in November 1891.  I think both parents were deceased.

    On an immigration document he had to list the name, address and occupation of present or last employer - that was Phil Brady, Dorough, Lughlin Mills, Cootehill, Co Cavan.  Farmer.

    Philip Brady and John Smith also signed a document advising Edward was of good character.  Another signature was E W McQuaid, Cootehill who signed as physican or surgeon who examined Edward and advised he was of good health.



    Sunday 26th July 2020, 07:41AM
  • The Whte Star is a building on Market Street Cootehill, which in the 1890s was used as a Hotel, Slater's 1894 directory lists the proprietors as Connolly Bros.

    The same directory lists that doctor you mentioned on the same street - Eugene W. McQuaid. L.H.C.S.I. surgeon & registrar of births, deaths & marriages, Market street.

    There are a number of Millers listed in or near the town in the same directiory but none of them with a surname Brady, or any mention or a Lughlin Mills. this could have been further from the town so not included in the Cootehill listing.

    There are no townlands in County Cavan with the name Dorough or Lughlin, but spelling of the placenames could be quite variable - they might be local place-names rather than official townland or village names. Probably the closest match for Dorough would be Dooreagh townland in Drumgoon civil parish, it is in Cootehill Poor Law Union and to the south of Cootehill - only problem with that is that other than a spring and a small stream, I see no major water source or mills in this townland on the Historic OSI Maps (c1840 & c1890).

    The closest townland match to Lughlin is probably Loughlinnan, Drung civil parish and also Cootehill poor law union, so again not far from the town - unfortunately no sign of rivers, streams or mills there either..

    I searched the 1901 census to see if I could locate any sign of this "Phil Brady" near Cootehill - about 75 matches in county Cavan for the name, some much too young, but one of the matches looks promising, a Philip Brady at Dooreagh town, one of the townlands I mentoned above, he's is an unmarried farmer living with a servant named Mary Reilly... see : Brady/Reilly household Dooreagh townland Co. Cavan 1901. You can see the location of this Dooreagh townland on the Placename Database.


    Sunday 26th July 2020, 03:24PM