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Thanks to much help on this site and to DNA testing, I have filled in a lot of blanks on the family tree.

My goal for the 2019 is work on my LUTHER ancestry. Someone from another Luther family (possibly connected but not directly) told me the Luthers in Ireland had arrived through grants given them from the King of England - and that their anestry traces back to a brother of Martin Luther in Brandenburg, Germany. I've seen no documentation to prove any of this, although the more prominent Irish Luthers might indicate at least some of it to be true. 

My 2x-great grandmother was Catherine Luther, born 27 Sep 1833 in Crotta, Borrisokane, Tipperary, Ireland.  Her parents were Margaret Clarke (the daughter of William Clarke and Catherine Kelly who emigrated to Canada) and William Luther. William and Margaret married on 09 Mar 1829 in Borrisokane. Their other children were:

Joshua or Joseph Luther - born 02 May 1831

William Luther - born 08 Mar 1836

Richard Luther - born Mar 1839

John Luther - born 02 Oct 1841

With the exception of Catherine, who married my 2x-great grandfather, Roderick Kelly, in Canada, the destinies of the rest of the family are unknown.  

There are a couple of William Luthers born in the right time frame to be William Sr - but I've been unable to determine which, if either, might be the right one. Also, he seems to vanish after the 1841 birth of John - but whether to death or emigration is unknown.

If anyone can offer direction on the origins of "my" William Luther or what might have happened to him or any of his sons, it might open a new path toward unraveling this family mystery.  Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

Frances Sheldrick




Saturday 29th December 2018, 08:57PM

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  • Hi, I have seen records for Joseph.
    This is Griffiths Valuation in 1852 he was in SHESHERAGHMORE. As you look at the map, it show the area in the square, look to the left and you will see a water area, this is Lough Durg.
    Crotta is on the banks. 
    Shesheragmore is on the south of the town of Borrisokane. It doesnt state where the dwelling place is.

    This link.......(I know this may be slow but please stay with me) shows the town, you will see a shop....Lawler.......turn the view around and you will see Heenan on the right, click on the arrows on the road and not touch the little yellow man, I just did and it sent me down Finnoe. keep clicking, you will pass a school on the left and a water tower, then a green road information sign, you are now going into Shesheragmore. I don't know when these houses were built but there were a few cottahes in that area.,-8.127293,-21.32h,5p,1z

    Joseph, married in 1865 and had a son in 1867
    It says ......he was a coachman, they were in a the Parish of Terryglass. I can't make out the townland name, sorry.
    I hope this is a help.



    Sunday 30th December 2018, 12:01PM
  • Hi Margot,

    Thank you for the great visuals! I could spend the entire day "wandering" along these streets and roads. 

    The civil record of Joseph's marriage actually provided a piece I had not had before: his father's name (also Joseph) and residence (Kilbaleer?). This could be a terrific addition - and different from what I'd surmised before, because this Joseph Luther (the one marrying Ony Lynch) may have been the brother of my 3x-great-grandfather, William Luther. He was 55 years old at the time of this second marriage and went on to have 4 more children. Unfortunately, he seems to be the only member of the Luther family remaining in the area.

    So now I will pursue a Joseph Luther in Kilbaleer - maybe Kilbileer? - with a birthdate around 1775-1790, while I continue to unravel what happened to William, Margaret and their 4 sons!

    Happy New Year!




    Monday 31st December 2018, 03:21PM