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Hello All, In an attempt to further my tree I have resorted to message boards in hopes that it will help me further along. At this point so feel as though I have exhausted all my research opition. I have a full membership on Ancestry and Roots. I hope someone may be able to help. My 3x grandmother was Mary Lyons1833-1912 from Greenwood/Turlough . She is documented on both townlands. According to her baptismal certificate her parents were Austin Lyons and Brig Finn. That's the only information I have. I would like to know if the parents are indeed correct and who her siblings were. I yield no Lyons matches on my Ancestery but believe that is due to a low threshold of CM. I know there are books like the Waldron journals... but is there anything on the Lyons families? 
I really would like to confirm her parents ans any siblings.


Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.









Wednesday 7th July 2021, 12:30AM

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  • HillBoston:

    Hello again!

    I checked Roots Ireland and the only baptismal record for children of Austin Lyons and Bridget Finn was January 14 1833. Roots transcribed the name as Margaret but I checked the parish register and the name was Mary. No marriage record but the Bekan records start May 1832 so likely Austin and Bridget were married before May 1832.

    There are also Mary Lyons baptismal records in Bekan in 1834 1835 and 1836.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 7th July 2021, 12:14PM

    Hello Roger!

    Yes on Roots ,Mary Lyons baptism states her name as Margaret but she went by Mary. Do you have any recommendations for people who are researching and have exhausted all options? I can go back 15 generations on my English side but literally can't get past my 3rd Irish. It's so incredibly frustrating. 



    Friday 9th July 2021, 03:22AM
  • HillBoston:

    I feel your pain and have the same brick walls on all eight of my Irish lines. I get to my great-great grandparents and then stop.

    I did look at the Tithe listings for Bekan civil parish and noticed a James Lyons in Greenwood. He was leasing around 42 acres. Not sure how he is connected to Austin.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 9th July 2021, 07:43PM