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Mahon, Tallon and Roe/Rowe Family

Sharing my family genealogy below in hopes that someone recognizes a name because I'm at a standstill. (Also would love to find distant relatives!)  Initially I was hopeful that their children's names followed an Irish Naming custom, but as I've done more research I find they aren't so strict, so I'm unsure whether it's helpful to use these names to guess at a previous generation. Also, I'm wondering how the naming tradition changes when a new family is started?  It's interesting to see all the Rowe boys adopted "Francis" as a middle name - maybe to honor older step-brother who helped them with passage to the U.S?  Sincerely, Sherry

My 2g-grandmother, Bridget Mahon was born between 1850-52. (As reported in two marriage documents and the 1901 Cork Ireland Census, no birth certificate found yet.) 

On 16 Jun 1866 Bridget marries George Tallon in Navan Parish with Joseph Neill and Bridget Fitzimons as witnesses. on civil records their father's are listed as Andrew Tallon and Patrick Mahon, both laborers. Prior to marriage, George (29) was a laborer who lived on Barrack Lane, Bridget (18) was a servant living on Cannon Row.

Bridget and George Tallon have six children together while living in the Millbrook neighborhood in Navan:

B. 3 Sep 1867 - Unknown    Michael Tallon

B. 16 Mar 1869 - D. 5 Nov 1869 Anne Tallon

B. 23 Dec 1870 - D. 16 Oct 1880 Patrick Christopher Tallon

B. 27 Dec 1872 - Unknown Andrew John Tallon

B. 16 Jun 1874 - D. 26 April 1951 John Francis Tallon

B. 10 Apr 1876 - D. 29 Dec 1950 Mary Alice Tallon 

4 Feb 1876  Death: Husband George Tallon died while living on Cannon Row.  His burial was in Bohermeen/Ardbraccan. Their last daughter, Mary Alice Tallon, is born just a few weeks later in their new Cannon Row neighborhood.

20 Jan 1878  Re-marriage:  The widow Bridget Tallon re-married Michael Roe/Rowe in Navan Parish.  Marriage certificate states that Michael Roe is 23, a wool sorter, Bridget Tallon is 28, a seamstress living on Cannon Row in Navan. (I have no birth certificate for Michael.) Michael Rowe's parents are Thomas Roe/Rowe (miller) and Julia Commons.  In the Liber Mat., Bridget's parents are listed as Michael and Mary Mahon - not Patrick.  In attendance were Patrick Tallon (Bridget and George's son?) and Catherine (Katie) Daly, married to Navan physician Denis Bowes Daly. In civil documents Bridget's father is listed as Patt Mahon a miller and Michael's father as Thomas, a miller. Marriage attendants listed as Patrick Pigott and Katie Daly. 

Bridget and Michael Rowe had seven children together while living on Cannon Row, all of these children emigrated to the US and died in Philadelphia, PA except for the youngest Anna, who died in Illinois:

B. 29 Jun 1879 - D. May 1977  Mary Bridget Rowe

B. 20 Feb 1881 - D. 27 Sep 1946  Thomas Francis Rowe

B. 13 May 1882 - D. 11 Feb 1911 Julia Rowe* (my grandmother)

B. 28 Sep 1883 - D. 31 May 1965 Josephine Mary Rowe

B. 26 Feb 1885 - D. 29 Dec 1957 James Francis Rowe

B. Abt 1887 - D. 28 Jul 1934 Laurence Francis Rowe

B. 4 Feb 1889 - D. 1 July 1972  Anna Marie Rowe

27 Apr 1900 Death Michael Rowe dies from a heart regurgitation valve in Cork, Ireland where they lived in #32 Evergreen Building (Cork Census 1901) I'm not sure when they arrived Cork, but guessing it was work-related as he was a wool sorter.

3 Aug 1901 Bridget arrived in New York aboard the SS Campania with her 7 Rowe children, son John Tallon met them at the gate. (He emigrated about 1889.)  Bridget Rowe made her home in Philadelphia, PA first in a home with her children - later living with her married children. She disappeared after the 1920 census. Ten of her children are buried in Catholic Holy Cross Cemetery in Yeadon, PA. 

(I have information regarding children's marriages, etc. if anyone is interested.)


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