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Maj Laurence (Larry) Roche 1969-1947

Hello All

Looking for some specific information regading his family:

1. 'Monty' Roche b; ????  d: 1947 - Son of Maj. Larry Roche. Monty is probably a nickname or a shorter version of something like Montgomery but I have been unable to confirm this or his date of birth.   I believe Monty may have served in WWII - likely with thr RAAF.  Any clues at all would be appreciated

2. Maj Larry Roche also had two bothers Robert 1868-1923 - (Secretary of the Limerick County Council 1901-13) and Patrick Thomas b: 1966 D: ????  Any details/clues re Patrick's life would aalso be appreciated.  He was active in the Fermoy area and I think worked in a bank at some stage.

I have a fair bit of information on Maj Larry and othe members of his family .


Many thanks

Kevin Roche


Monday 27th May 2019, 06:27AM

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  • Hi Kevin

    I've been able to trace Monty Roche. His full name is Robert Guillemont Roche, bn 14 Apr 1918 at Ballynamuddagh in the Dromin parish. I can't trace any marriage. The Roche family moved to Manchester in England around 1927 once Larry Roche had retired. Monty died in Jan 1979 in Manchester. I believe he served in the British RAF. Both his sisters also moved to England, Mary Bega Roche became a school teacher and died in 1977 (Manchester) and Margaret Frances Roche (Peg) died in Dec 1986 (place n/k). 

    Laurence Patrick Roche died tragically from a motorbike crash in Cork in 1929. 

    Patti Hartigan



    Wednesday 25th September 2019, 03:57PM
  • Hello Patti

    Thank you so much - I would never have tracked Robert Guillemont.  He was obviously named after the village  of Guillemont in the Somme, France where Larry played a significant role in the battle for the village in 1916. Thanks also for the year of death for both Peg and Mary.

    If you are interested I am happy to send you by email or post the now quite complete details of the Roche family from Dromin-Bruree including Larry his brothers, their parents and descendants including a couple of photos.. I appreciate that the Hartigans are your main interest. (my email in case you wish to send me your relevant address is ' )

    The only Hartigan Roche links that I have come across are:  Thomas Hartigan m. Elizabeth Roche d.  of Timothy and Maria Roche of Trenloise, Kilmallock in 1861 and possibly Patrick Hartigan  m. Honoria Roche also d. of Tim. & Maria Roche at Effin in 1853.

    Many thanks, best wishes

    Kevin Roche 


    Sunday 29th September 2019, 07:52AM

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