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Malachi O'Donoghue 1800-1867 of Michane St, Carrigaholt?

Hi there,

My ancestor Malachi O'Donoghue who was born in Kilkishen, Co. Clare, around 1800 and migrated to Australia in 1846.

He was a soldier with the British Army (Royal Welch Fusiliers), serving in Gibraltar and Lisbon.

After his death in 1867, it was found that he had left the following address scrawled in a notebook: "Michane St., Carrigaholt"

I can't see a street called Michane St in Carrigaholt on Google Maps. Is it an old street that no longer exists? Is there any record of him or relatives with the name O'Donoghue/Donoghue/Donohoe or perhaps Hale (his mother's maiden name) there? Or did the British Army have a presence in Carrigaholt at that time?

I noticed that he left during the Irish famine. Had the famine already reached Carrigaholt by 1846?

Many thanks if you are able to assist with any of this!



Thursday 30th January 2020, 04:02PM

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  • There are only two streets in Carrigaholt and neither of them has ever been called Michane St.

    The only similar names that come to mind are those of two Parish Priests of Carrigaholt - Fr. Malachy Duggan, who died of cholera in 1849, contracted from his parishioners during the Famine; and Fr. Michael O'Donoghue, who served from 1880 to 1886.  Either or both of them may be among the priests buried in the church in Carrigaholt, to whom various inscriptions were covered up when the church was carpeted in recent decades!

    Paddy Waldron

    Tuesday 25th February 2020, 06:00PM