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Hi, hoping somebody has some insight to the christian name ULICH

I have an ancestor ULICH BURKE from county Cork.

Found his birth in early 1800s but then he disappears.

Could he have assumed a different name?  I'm thinking he could have called himself William or something else.

Is there a common 'nickname' for Ulich>

Can anyone shed any light on this unusual first name for me please>

Many thanks,

Karen Burke

(Brisbane, Australia)


Sunday 26th Sep 2021, 01:23AM

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  • You may have misread the final letter of the name. Ulick is one way that the Irish name Uileog has been anglicized. Uileog is a diminutive form of the name Uilliam, which the Normans brought to Ireland (a form of William). Many Norman names took on Gaelic forms (phonetically) as the Normans became Gaelicized. Another example is Seán for Jean/John. Uileog was also sometimes written as Uilleac or Uillioc, and sometimes anglicized as Ulysses.


    Sunday 26th Sep 2021, 03:40AM
  • Hi Karen,

    when you found Ulick in "early" 1800s, whatb type of record did you find it on? I have found the marriage of Ulick Burke to Joanna Murphy in South Parish, Cork on 08th January 1804. Their address was given as Cove Lane, Cork. 

    Does anything in this information match up with yours? Let me know and I will try to follow up further.

    Frank Fahy


    Frank Fahy West Cork

    Wednesday 29th Sep 2021, 10:33AM

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