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Good afternoon, 

I have posted before asking for pointers regarding some Fitzgeralds whom I believed were my family, but discussions with the two families have revealed that they are not 'mine'. So it is back to square one!

I am hoping to find someone who  is related to Margaret Fitzgerald who ran and later owned St Anne's Maternity and Nursing Home in Fermoy from the 1930s until the mid-1960s. Maybe a relative can tell me a little about her and if she had a brother/husband called Richard.

Also, does anyone have an Emmet Fitzgerald in their family tree, please? 

I have taken and Ancestry DNA test and there are some very distant Fitzgerald relatives who emigrated to the US, so  I am also investigating the siblings of their great-geat grandfathers.

Thank you for reading this.


Friday 26th Nov 2021, 11:30AM

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  • If you haven’t seen these sites already, perhaps you might post a query:

    I hope this is helpful.


    Friday 26th Nov 2021, 07:17PM
  • Local volunteer contacted.

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 26th Nov 2021, 07:35PM
  • Dear Patricia,

    No, I have not  visited thise pages. Thank you for the suggestions.

    I appreciate it,

    Bst wishes,



    Saturday 27th Nov 2021, 05:56PM
  • SueT,

    I don't know anything about Margaret myself, but I will ask a few colleagues and will get back to you.

    Best wishes, Kieran

    Kieran Jordan, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 27th Nov 2021, 09:47PM
  • Sue,

    One of my colleagues that I have been talking to is Christy Roche. I understand that you have been communicating with Christy so I didn’t discuss the issue with Christy. I won’t interfere with that discussion, and hope that the information I have obtained from others matches with the information from Christy.

    The Fitzgerald family from around Conna owned and ran St. Annes. There were two sisters in St. Annes and then a third sister Mary that married Dr. Jack Magnier, and they lived in Pearse Square, Fermoy. Dr. Magnier got a GP practice in Moville in Donegal and Mary and himself moved there with their 4 children. The Fitzgeralds also had a brother that was a pharmacist or trainee pharmacist.  Margaret didn’t marry, I think.

    I then got the following information from the website Mary and Dr. Magnier were married in November 1944. Her father was Maurice Fitzgerald, a post office official, and her address was given as St. Annes. Elizabeth Fitzgerald was one of the witnesses (maybe a cousin rather than a sister as she had no sister born Elizabeth).

    Maurice Fitzgerald, from Tallow (near Conna) married Norah Brien (or sometimes O’Brien) from Conna in 1895. They had children Hannah (1896); Mary Brien, grandmother was the  witness; Catherine (1897),  Mary (1900), Patrick (1903), Bridget (1904), Maurice (1907), Nora (1909), Michael (1912), William (1915) and Patrick (1915). There is no mention of Margaret; the birth may not have been recorded or she may have a different birth name. You will notice Patrick in 1915 and Patrick in 1903.  Patrick (1903) died at 3 months and it was fairly common practice to give a subsequent child the same name.

    Maurice Fitzgerald’s father was William Fitzgerald, a clock repairer.

    Norah O’Brien was born in 1876 and her father was Michael O’Brien and her mother was Mary Coleman. They were living at Ballymurphy Upper (near Conna) when Nora was born.

    Have a look at the website yourself and you will get further information that may be relevant to what you are doing, for example witnesses, occupations etc. Additionally, you should get further information on the pay site or the Conna records at as the parish records for Conna go back to 1834 for births and 1845 for marriages.

    You can get my personal email address from the Ireland XO office if you need further assistance. There may be descendants of the Fitzgeralds that I can’t talk about on a public forum.

    Best wishes, Kieran

    Thursday 2nd Dec 2021, 12:30PM
  • Dear Kieran,

    Thank you so much for taking so much time and trouble to do this research and reply to me. I truly appreciate it. I will follow up your suggestions.

    I will contact the Ireland XO office and ask for your email address.

    Many thanks again.

    Best wishes,



    Thursday 2nd Dec 2021, 04:38PM

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