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Im hoping that someone is able to help me find my granmother Margaret Ryan

Margaret was born in Dublin (according to Marriage Parish Records) and Baptised April 1907 Dublin (looks like St Michans)

margarets parents are Catherine McGrath and James Ryan 

Margaret married my grandfather Martin Russell 10.02.29 in Clogheen Co.Tipperary. Margaret was living in "Old Shanbally" at the time of her marriage.

Margaret and Martin had 3 children 

Bridget (b) 4.7.29

Michael (b) 6.10.30

Catherine (b) 22.12.31 (d) 17.3.32

Margaret died 28.1.32 Clonmel Hospital and is buried in Shanrahan Cemertery with other family members.

There is a family that I found of James Ryan and Catherine McGrath where James was a soldier living at Portobello Barracks, married in 1903 (everything fits in) except they didnt have a daughter Margaret, they did however have a daughter called Mary who died in the same year as my Margaret, but in the wrong county. From the army records it appears that James and family were in Devon at the time Margaret would have been born, but cant find any record of that either. and upon his return to Ireland there is no mention of Margaret, so I have discounted this family as being my Ryans.

Family story goes that Margaret was sent to Clogheen to help two elderly aunts who owned a pub in Burncourt (so I presume that James or Catherine came from Burncourt) , on her marriage cert it states that she was living at "old Shanbally" so I have written to the owner of the bar in Burncourt called "Old Shanbally" to see if they know anything of the history or if infact it is still owned by "Ryans" however "old Shanbally is also a area of Burncourt...................all very frustrating!

Hopefully someone can shed some light as dear Margaret is my brickwall on that side of my family, obviously because Margaret died aged 25, my mother or any of her family know nothing about her. My mother and her brother were put into orphanages.



Thursday 12th August 2021, 12:00AM

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  • I have forwared your request to our volunteer whom I hope can be of some assistance.


    Thursday 23rd September 2021, 05:16PM
  • Thank you so much Denise


    I was hoping to get back over to Ireland to search for her records as I had only found out on my last day in Ireland her parents names, but then Covid hit and I couldnt get back

    any help would be absolutely appreciated 

    I have checked and re-checked the Army family of Russells in Dublin but still cannot make any connection to my family, so I do not believe it is them


    Thursday 23rd September 2021, 07:13PM