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I have a difficult search. My gr-gr- grandmother was Mary Ann Marmion, born in Skibbereen, in December 1842. I'm certain that she was likely illegitimate, & her father was a Marmion. I'm guessing that he was either Henry Richard Marmion or Thomas H. Marmion, two brothers in Skibbereen, who were landlords & land agents, & also corn merchants. They were prominent, wealthy, & Church of Ireland. Also, both were married. I did find what is almost certainly the Baptismal record of little Mary Ann. At St. Patrick's Cathedral, in Skibbereen, on Dec. 32,1842 ( also entered Jan.1,1843, it says: Mary, mother & father unknown. That's all! It was covered up, I'm sure, because later, everyone knew she was a Marmion. She was "put with" widow Bridget Cahalane, if Shreelane, to be raised. Bridget's maiden name was McCarthy Crimmeen/Cremeen. Bridget was paid at first, but the paying soon stopped. She kept little Mary & brought her to America with the Cahalane family in 1850's. 
I've heard that a baby would be likely to be placed with a relative ( an aunt or great-aunt perhaps) , so that could be a clue. Does anyone know about that custom? Also, I can't tell which Marmion is her father, & her mother is a huge mystery. I'm guessing she might've been a servant for Marmion? Lots of mystery. 

Eugenie Sardo

Saturday 26th September 2020, 03:19PM

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  • Hi Eugenie,

    Please have a look at website for extensive information info on the Marmion family. My brother Bill is the owner of this website and is also a volunteer with IrelandXO and your query has also been forwarded to him. Please come back to me if you can find nothing further on his website. Look at West Cork Families and alphabetical button list associated with it.


    Frank Fahy

    Abbeystrowry Cork

    Monday 28th September 2020, 01:36PM
  • Eugene,

    There is no way that further information can be gleaned from the records, since even the Marmion name was omitted from the baptismal record.

    If it is any help, I can give ypu the entire genealogy of the Skibbereen Marmions, If you wish to receive that contact me at 

    Bill Fahy


    Bill, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 28th September 2020, 02:32PM
  • The above email address should have read


    Abbeystrowry Cork

    Sunday 29th November 2020, 10:49PM
  • Hello. Wow! Thank you! I know much about the Marmions, but not all! Would love to know more! Mine is a difficult search, because I assume that my ancestor was illegitimate, making it more difficult. She was openly known as a Marmion, & yet, I can't find any records, and, she was placed with a widow, who took her in & became attached to her. I wondered if the custom was to place a child with a stranger, or, would it be some sort of relative? My grandmother had mentioned the name Browne also, which could possibly be the mother's name. The widow who raised the Marmion girl was Bridget Cahalane, maiden name McCarthy Crimmeen. I also realize that the wife of Henry Richard Marmion, the land agent at that time, was Elizabeth Barclays Evans Browne. Yet, she wasn't the mother. Strange! I thought that maybe my grandmother had heard that name mentioned somehow, & remembered it. Hope this makes sense. 

    Eugenie Sardo

    Thursday 3rd December 2020, 04:17PM