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Marriage: 5 February 1846

Kilworth, County Cork, Ireland

Mary Flynn Nugent was born about 1821 and died in Lismore in 1907. I think the Nugents were from Lismore. I found a James Flynn in the Griffin records that may be her father. On the marriage record there is a James Flynn, but it could also be a brother maybe or cousin? Is there any way to check up birth records prior to 1829? I know she was born in Cork:  I am assuming since she was married in Kilworth that she was also born here. I really don't know how to push back further and I would appreciate any advice.

Thank you!
Candice Ferrell


Sunday 11th February 2018, 08:15PM

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  • Hi Candice,

    Yes,it was common that people got married in the town where the bride lived, saying that her parents could have moved there after her birth.

    I checked the church records on and there were a lot of Nugents baptised in Kilworth, unfortunately the baptism records for Kilworth are only available from 1829 onwards so no baptism for Mary available. I also checked elswhere in Cork but could not locate a Mary Nugent born in or around 1821.




    Anne Marie

    Mallow Cork

    Monday 12th February 2018, 06:01PM