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Martin Walsh


I have been searching for any kind of record of my maternal grandmother's family for years. Her father's name was Martin Walsh born in 1855 I beleive and died in 1924. He may have been a tailor. Her mother was either Mary or Catherine. My grandmother, Maria Agens Walsh, always said she came from Gort but perhaps Gort was the closest big town. She was born in 1892ish and came to Boston in 1908. Her brother James Patrick was born in 1887ish and arrived in Boston in 1902.  An older sister, Delia Gertrude born 1887 and immigrated to Boston and sister Norah born 1901ish immigrated to Boston but went back to Ireland.  I beleive Norha died in Galway in 1955. I would so love to find something about my grandmother's life in Ireland and a record of the family. 

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Susan McElaney


Friday 4th September 2020, 11:43PM

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  • Hi Susan,

    I have been looking through the FINDMYPAST  records. I came across a lot of records for  Martin Walsh Gort who was a butcher around that time.  It hasn't given any definite line on the others. Would you know if Noreen who died in 1955 in Galway was married when she died? I can't find anything with Noreen Walsh?

    All the best


    Anne McCarthy Murphy

    Monday 7th September 2020, 02:29AM
  • My greatgrandmother was Margaret Walsh who married my mother's grandfather, Denis Philbin in Castlebar or Ballinar Co Mayo. Patrick Phlbin was born to them in 1869 and left for Stockport England and worked hard to become a manager of a mill there. I never inew his family members but wenhave Murphy, Gill, O'Malley, McCormack and Collins, inckuding Michsel, a cousin to my uncle John Jie Collinsm who married my father's sister, Delia McCormack Collins. 


    Monday 14th September 2020, 01:13AM
  • Thank you so much for you rmessage Anne! I appreciate you taking the time to look. I know Martin Walsh is a very common name. I never heard anything about him being a butcher -- it was said that he was a tailor. 

    I was hoping that somehow I could connect his name with his wife (either Mary or Catherine) or one of their children -- my grandmother Maria Agnes, James Patrck, Delia Gertrude or - Norah (I don't think Norah was married when she died). She may have lived in Gorteenboy (maybe the whole famil lived there at one time). I may have found where Norah was buried -- Donaghpatrick cemetary. 

    I don't recognize your family member names except Margaret Walsh as possibly related to my great grandfather Martin.


    Monday 14th September 2020, 01:56AM