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Hi All :)

My triple great grandmother was an "Irish Orphan" who arrived in Australia on the Tippoo Saib on the 30 July 1850. 

Mary Ann Fitzgerald was born in 1834 in Ballingarry, Upper Connello, Limerick.  She died in Sydney in 1909, having lived a long life, which included having had 10 children! 

I've been able to find some information about Mary Ann after her arrival in Australia but her life in Ireland is a mystery. 

I'd love to connect with others, so if anyone has any ideas about how I could trace Mary Ann, I would absolutely love to hear from you! 


Globetrotting Librarian

Sunday 7th Aug 2022, 07:00AM

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  • Hi Nikki,
    Mary Ann was her name just Mary on the ship record?    The only one I saw says Mary, instead of Mary Ann.
    It also states Killeday, this is incorrect, whoever input this, it is from another lady's record further down the page.
    If that is her, her Father is Thomas and Mother was Mary.  It says Mother living in Ballingarry.
    Looking for a Thomas around 1835 in Tithe records there is on in the same address as you have, the townland is Knightstreet.
    Knightstreet Townland, Co. Limerick (

    Look for line 378 on this next link, it says W. Thomas Fitzgerald.

    004587402/004587402_00108.pdf (

    Moving forward to the next set of records...... Griffiths Valuation, looks like Thomas must have died by 1850, looking for Widow Fitzgerald and unoccupied........there is one in Knightstreet. Landlord Thomas Fitzgerald. Mary is in Cloontemple which is the same area in Pound Street.

    I did look for her Baptism and there are a few years missing, Mary Ann's date is missing.

    The Civil records were introduced in 1864 so all BDM's were to be registered.
    I looked for a death of Mary, the Mother, there are a few. At this time the registration district for Ballingarry is Croom.

    I hope this has helped.


    Sunday 7th Aug 2022, 09:44AM
  • Hi Margot,

    First of all, huge apologies it's taken me this long to reply, I didn't see a notification for the message and only saw it last night.  Secondly, THANK YOU so much for taking a look and helping me out. :)  

    Mary Ann is referred to as Mary only in the shipping records I've managed to locate.  I haven't seen one that refers to Kilmeedy though, do you mind showing me which record it was you were using?  The records I've found also indicate that her mother was Mary and father, Thomas.  Mary was in Ballingarry at the time Mary Ann came to Australia and my assumption is that Thomas had passed away sometime before 1850.  

    I actually received Mary Ann's wedding and death certificates last night and one thing that did stand out is that Mary Ann stated being from Askeaton, which is not all that far from Ballingarry (as the crow flies!)  Does that fit in with the location of the Fitzgeralds you located in Knightstreet Townland?   Also, the wedding certificate confirmed Mary Ann's mothers maiden name was Mary Hogan. 

    Thank you again and I hope to hear from you soon :)

    Globetrotting Librarian

    Saturday 17th Sep 2022, 03:42AM
  • Hello Again

    I've noticed that this link (the one you provided) refers to a Connor and John Hogan, and Mary Ann's mother was Mary Hogan, who is supposedly from Lissamota (also referred to on this document).  Does the fact that both the Hogan and Fitzgerald plots are mentioned on the same page indicate that the plots were close to each other?  W Thomas Fitzgerald is 378 and Connor's was 361 and John 362.  

    Cheers,  Nikki

    Globetrotting Librarian

    Saturday 17th Sep 2022, 03:51AM

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