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Mary Coyne and William Hunter

I am looking for information about my great great parents. I know they came to Argentina before 1866 and they got married in Belfast in 1854. But I haven't been able to find any further information about them or their parents, siblings, etc.

Tuesday 28th July 2020, 04:42AM

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  • The 1854 marriage was in St Anne's Belfast (Church of Ireland). Tradition was to marry in the bride's church. So she was probably C of I. Her address was Templepatrick (a parish about 10 miles outside Belfast). Her father Edward was a stonemason. Templepatrick's church of Ireland records start in 1827. Mary Ann was 19in 1854  so it may contain her baptism and that of any siblings. There's a copy in PRONI (the public record office) in Belfast. Statutory birth registration started in Ireland in 1864. I found the birth of one male child on 3rd Nov 1866 at 50 Stanhope St, Belfast. Father's occupation builder. The child had not been given a name at the time the birth was registered. (That was common then). So the family were still in Ireland in November 1866.

    The groom's address on the 1854 marriage certificate is just Belfast. His occupation Carpenter.  His father was Samuel Hunter, farmer, so that suggests he originated outside Belfast. (You don't get too many farmers in the middle of a city). Possibly he came from Templepatrick too. It might be worth checking the same Templepatrick church records. Griffiths Valuation for 1862 does list a Samuel Hunter farming in Templepatrick. That could be William's father. Worth checking the Presbyterian records too in case he was that denomination. They are also in PRONI.


    Tuesday 28th July 2020, 12:43PM
  • Oh thank you so much!!!! I didn't expect to have so much information so soon! I"m really grateful!

    Tuesday 28th July 2020, 02:38PM
  • So according to this record Mary Coyne was still in Ireland in 1866? Then it might not be my ancestor because there is a récord that they had a daughter here in Argentina in 1866...

    Tuesday 28th July 2020, 03:39PM
  • I checked a bit more and the William Hunter & Margaret Coyne who married in Belfast in 1854 also had a daughter Margaret Baron Hunter in Belfast on 20.4.1869. Address 4 Florence Place, Belfast. Father a builder. So if your couple were in Argentina in 1866, then this is a different couple. Might be worth double checking your information in case you have the wrong parents names?


    Tuesday 28th July 2020, 05:54PM
  • I will do that, thank you so much!

    Wednesday 29th July 2020, 03:40PM