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Hi I am trying to find info of where a Mary 'May' Cunningham went to.

I know she was born in 1886 in Clondalee More, Hill of Down, County Meath to William Cunningham and Bridget Boyan.

I have her in census here

I know she became a nurse and was trained in Stockport, Cheshire 1913-1916 Stepping Hill according to UK &Ireland Nursing Register but was the nurse back in Clondalee More, Meath in the 1920s
I found on a nurse website just that she was presumed dead by 1971.

I can't seem to find a marriage record for her or have no idea where she died or ended up.

If anyone has any idea about nurse records that might trace where she ended or perhaps have a look and see if they can find any marriage or death.

Anything at all would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to your reply.



Sunday 2nd January 2022, 12:29AM

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