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Mary Josephine Sheehy

My great grandmother Mary Josephine Sheehy was apparently born in Shanagolden in 1865 to parents Michael Sheehy and Catherine Hogan and had a brother called Martin.  Mary came out to Queensland Australia on the SS Almora in 1877 supposedly after quarraling with her parents.  On Mary's marriage certificate to my great grandfather William (Billy) Hallam in Queensland she stated her father was a farmer.  Despite extensive search from my end in Australia I haven't been able to find any birth record for Mary or marriage record of her parents. 

I haven found a record where a Catherine Hogan and Michael Sheehy were co-sponsors at a Baptism in 1853 for the child of John Scanlon and Joanna Harmon.  Parish/Church/Congregation - ABBEYDORNEY.  This is the only example that put Michael Sheehy and Catherine Hogan together, and they may also not be the same parents of my gr grandmother.  

I believer her brother Martin had joined the US Navy as he had sent a letter to Mary in 1892 giving his address as USS Atlanta Navy Yard New York.  By the 1980s when the letter was discussed by a family descendant, it so faded and very torn making it very difficult to piece together.'

If anyone can shed any light on Mary Josephine Sheehy or Martin Sheehy I'd be thrilled.  I'm attaching a photo of Mary Sheehy Hallam taken in 1900.

regards Christine

Friday 31st July 2020, 01:55AM

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  • Hi,

    Is this your Martin?


    Wednesday 5th August 2020, 12:56PM

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  • It could be Margot,
    I found other US Navy records and the facts fit in. I don't have any other corroborating evidence of Martin's date of birth but it seems likely to be him. The Martin I found has him retiring from the Navy whereas the family history story is he died or drowned at sea. I don't know how that news reached the family in Queensland though. But any pieces of the puzzle are gratefully received

    Thursday 6th August 2020, 05:30AM
  • Hello Christine, my name is Jennifer jean and I am a volunteer with IrelandXo; I was recently reading your message which I gather, you received a reply concerning Martin Sheehy. However as I cover the Shanagolden area , I am curious about the history of this name Sheehy and your mention of Abbeydorney which is in Kerry,

    I have investigated the birth of Mary Josephine in every county in Ireland but like you, I have found numerous Mary Sheehy's baptismal records but the three from that period in the Co.Limerick coverage do not correspond with Hogan and or Sheey.

    I have also investigated numerous parish marriage records and again there is absolutely no Sheehy-Hogan link...all very strange.

    I wonder can you tell me how you know of the facts that you do have - ioe Mary's birth year? (although I looked 5 years either side) also where do you get the Shanagolden knowledge from?

    I have several Martin Sheehy but again, none in Shanagolden area

    If you have any further information, I would happily return to your query with the hope of contacting friends who may know a story or two from that area.

    You can contact me on:-

    Killeedy1 Limerick

    Tuesday 15th September 2020, 10:48PM