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Hi All, 

I am looking for information on my great x2 grandparents, Mathew Hughes and Mary Byrne of Ballasalla - specifically where they may be buried, and their former family home. Their daugher, Susan Neil, (widow of Patrick O'Neill) owned #13 Upper Ballasalla in 1901, but had sold her house by 1911 and is living in a 3rd class house (#9).  FYI, #13 as well as 14, 15, are no longe ron the census by 1911. I am trying to find what happened to house #13 - who she sold it too.. is it gone? Any help with this woud be great!

Also, I am searching for anyone who may have known the family. Susan lived alone after her parents died, and after her daugher, only child, went to America in 1907.  Susa'n's death cert says she died at the Carlow County Home at age 90 in 1941.  

I have Mathew and Mary's marriage - 27 May 1846 in Killaveny, the births of their 4 children, Thomas, Peter, Susan, and Margaret, MAthew's death 29, Sep 1891 (Shillelah), and Mary (nee Byrne) Hughe's death in 1899 (Ballasalla), Susan's marriage to PAtrick O'Neill in North Dublin in 1884, Patrick's death in Jan 1887 (Dublin), their daughter's birth, Mary Neill, back in Ballasalla on 13 Mar 1887.  I have Susan Neill on both censuses - 1901 and 1911.

I am the descendant of their son Peter who wen to the US.  We don't know what happened to the other children, Thomas Hughes or Margaret. Gosh I'd love to find them also. 

Thank you in advance!!  PS: I love Ireland!

Warm Regards, Veronica


Monday 16th Apr 2018, 11:38PM

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  • Dear Veronica:

    Thank you for your post to the Ireland Reaching Out message board.

    You commented about the change in houses from the 1901 & 1911 Census, but that may not be correct.  Unfortunately, the Census enumerators did not number the houses in the same manner for the two censuses so that in many cases, while families houses were noted as different numbers in the two censuses, they actually lived in the same house.

    You might find the Irish Genealogy website helpful for your research.  The Civil Registration Indexes are online from 1864 and you can trace the families through these.  You will be able to access civil births to 1918, marriages to 1940 or so and deaths to about 1968. 

    In addition, you might also check newspapers online for further information about family deaths.  The Irish News Archives is a fee paying site, but can be very helpful with this type of research. has Hacketstown Cemetery noted online at the link below:

    You might also try the Carlow Historical Society website:

    If you need further assistance, please let us know.

    The best of luck with your research.

    Kind regards,


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Friday 27th Apr 2018, 03:06PM

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