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McCarthy (Denis?) m. Cronin (sp?), (Mary or Hannah) about 1850-60


I'm trying to verify info given to me by a cousin, some of which has been wrong.  Denis McCarty married Mary Cronin/Hannah Cronnen/Crounen.  Both were born in Ireland.  Their children were born between 1859 and 1865, all in Wales.  The children are Denis, Patrick, Hannah, Ellen and Mary Ann.  They emigrated to Pittsburgh, PA in about 1872.  There are a lot of McCarthys in South Wales (where Denis said he'd been born on his marriage record).  The only census record with a Denis of the right age is 1861, son of Jeremiah (Jerynnah) and Mary, with siblings Florance, 11, and Mary, 5.  None found in 1871.

I have no DNA matches on ancestry with either Denis Jr or Sr.  Patrick's, Hannah's and Ellen's death records all give Denis McCarty/McCarthy and either Mary Cronin or Hannah Cronnen/Crounen as parents.  Denis Jr's says unknown for both and I haven't found Mary Ann's yet.  I do know, through obits that Denis Jr., Patrick, Hannah and Ellen were siblings.    Denis Jr. is my ggf (supposedly, lol!)

Does anyone have any info on either Denis and Mary Cronin or Jeremiah and Mary?  I don't know the parish, or even the county for sure, just that McCarthys are traditionally from Cork.

Thank you!



Friday 7th August 2020, 11:12PM