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Hi, I'm seeking information on the following McCowens who lived in Dublin.  James McCowen (1844-1895) and his wife, Maria Foran (1843-1886), originally from County Laois, married in settled in Dublin around 1867.  James worked for the Post Office.  They had seven children, one of whom, Richard, born in 1874, arrived in the U.S. ca. 1881, at age 7.  No other immediate family member accompanied him, and while we assume he emigrated with a family friend or uncle or aunt, we have no idea why the family would ship out such a young son.  Richard eventually lived in New York and New Jersey and died around 1910.  Richard's brothers Thomas and William eventually emigrated to New York in the 1890s.  The remaining living siblings continued to live in Dublin, where they had families of their own.  James McCowen and his wife are buried in Dublin,

Anyone with information about this family?


M Donovan

Thursday 15th April 2021, 04:08PM