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I am trying to research my great great grandfather.  The only information I have about him is his name was Edward McGovern and that he was born in Ireland, I believe in Cavan County.  He came to the United States sometime prior to marrying my great great grandmother, Jane Kyle, in 1856.  That is about the only information I have regarding him.  I am coming to Ireland in September for a vacation and would love to be able to do some additional research will there.  Any help would be appreciated.  

Thursday 23rd May 2024, 12:10AM

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  • Hello,

    Please provide more details...Approximatey when was Edward born? Where in the U.S. did he and Jane Kyle live? What were there children's names, in order if possible?  His occupation? Religion? Anything you might think of would help.


    Thursday 23rd May 2024, 03:37PM

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