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Through and DNA testing I have been in contact and have met Marnie Enke originally from New York.


The information Marnie had was the following. Her great great grandfather emigrated from Cork, place not stated to New York. His name was Timothy McGrath and he was born around 1830. I have some passenger records but not conclusive.


I searched the Mitchelstown Church records and found a Timothy McGrath, almost illegible but in Roots the following had been transcribed.

Father: Thomas McGrath

Mother: Mary Condon

Address: Carrigane

Sponsors: Richard Tobin, Catherine Brien.

Through Roots I have discovered other family members.

Michael McGrath 1820

Mary McGrath 1833

Thomas McGrath 1836.


Looking at The Tithe Applotment Books 1830 there is a record of McGrath in Carrigane.


Griffith's Valuation Books show Reps of Daniel McGrath and Margaret McGrath living in Carrigane. However I didn't find the year of the Valuation.


The census of 1901 shows an Ellen McGrath visiting a Slattery family. She was 5 years old.

In the 1911 census there is no record of a McGrath family.


The next part of the puzzle

Marnie's great grandfather William McGrath New York (1860 - 1915) married Mary (Simpson)(1860 – 1914) in 1881 NY according to Marnie's family. However because she came from Southern Ireland I think it is Sampson.

Once again I searched the Mitchelstown Church records and found a Mary Sampson 1860

Father: William Sampson

Mother: Ellen Landers

Address: Corracunna

Sponsors: Michael Condon, Catherine Sampson

Through Roots I have discovered other family members.

Thomas Sampson 1840

William Sampson 1846

Patrick Sampson 1848

Michael Sampson 1851

John Sampson 1854


Griffith's Valuation Books show William Sampson and Patrick Sampson living in Corracunna.


I cannot find Corracunna in the Tithe Applotment Books.

However I have records of a previous generation of Sampsons,  the family of Thomas Sampson and Sally Johnson ranging from 1793 – 1800.


In the census for 1901 and 1911 there is no reference to Sampsons living in Corracunna.

I cannot find  information on Ellen Landers.

The fact that Carrigane and Corracunna are not far apart suggests that the McGraths and Sampsons may have know each other in Ireland, all this is based on conjecture not fact.


Marnie and I think we may be related through the O Briens (Morgan) Derrylahan as we have a shared DNA match with another (Morgan) O Brien cousin.

My great grandmother was Julia O Brien (1870 – 1958) from Derrylahan, Mitchelstown.

We would appreciate help. Our only fact is that Marnie and I are connected through DNA

I will also post this information to the Kilbehenny messages because I know there are Landers living in that area.

Hopefully this all makes sense.


Mary Anne Coffey


Monday 15th June 2020, 05:14PM

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