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McGuire Doonan

I am looking for info on Bridget McGuire and her husband Patrick Doonan both born about the 1850s . In Fermanagh there daughter my great grandmother Mary Doonan was born 10 Jun 1879 • Stoamatt , Derrylin , County, Fermanagh, Ireland . I do hope you can help me some with marriage records or thier birth info and parents .

I do have a lot of dna matches with people with name McGuire ,

Thank You All

Ray Parker


Monday 2nd December 2019, 07:11PM

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  • Ray,

    The townland where Mary Doonan was born was Stramatt. Here’s the household in 1901:

    One odd thing to note is that according to the 1911 census Patrick & Bridget had 5 children of whom 4 were alive (all sons). That would suggest Mary had died. But people weren’t always totally accurate on census forms, and I can’t see a death for her in the area, so perhaps there were 5 children and another child that died.

    Patrick & Bridget Maguire were married in Swanlinbar Chapel in Co. Cavan, on 28.7.1871. Fathers Francis & Patrick respectively, both dead:

    Bridget was from Aughlish. You would need to search the baptism records for her birth c 1846.

    There are two Maguire families in Aughlish in the 1901 census. I think that the family with Edward, Patrick & Ellie had a father named Charles (based on Patrick’s marriage certificate), and the family with Peter & Theresa had a father named Thomas, based on Teresa’s birth certificate.

    Aughlish is in the parish of Cleenish. Their RC baptism records start in 1835. Stramatt is in the RC parish of Kinally. Their records also start in 1835.

    The RC parish records are on-line free on the National Library site:





    Thursday 5th December 2019, 08:22PM
  • Hi. I think that this Mary Ann Doonan in my family is not from Sramatt.. then and her parents would not be Patrick Doonan and Bridget Maguire..

    Mary Doonan born 1879
    Came to USA in 1896 to Waterbury Connecticut to marry John Geoghegan/Gagain born 1864 in Cavan County Cavan son Of Peter/Pealer Geoghegan and Susan Daley born 1846 County Cavan

    Mary Ann Doonan and John Gagain/Geoghegan had a daughter Susan Gagain born 1898 Waterbury Connecticut USA and John Gagain/Geoghegan born Nov 1900 my grandfather . AFTERthe death of John Gagain/Geoghegan jan 1901 from drowning body found 3 month later when ice Melted .

    Wife Mary Doonan moved back to Ireland to Killashandra County Cavan. At some point daughter Susan died. Mary Doonan remarried in 1903 to Patrick Farrelly by 1911 she had 3 more Daughter Susan Farrelly born 1909 , she is listed in the 1911 census for Killashandra with husband Patrick and 4 kids
    Listed be low is info I have and DNA matches show she was from Cavan her dad was John Doonan and Bridget Smith..daughter of Bernard Smith born 1818 to 1892 and Bridget lynch b 1822 to 1878.

    Mary Ann Doonan

    10 Jun 1879 • County CAVAN , Ireland

    Death of Sister

    Katie Doonan(1870–1880)
    1880 • Half Acre , Cavan , County Cavan , Ireland


    Birth of Sister
    Catherine Katie Doonan(1881–)
    abt 1881 • County, Cavan, Ireland

    Birth of Brother
    John Doonan(1882–1973)
    24 Nov 1882 • Commissioners Terrace,County Cavan, Ireland

    Birth of Brother Owen Doonan(1883–)
    1883 • County Cavan, Ireland

    11 MAY 1896 • New York, New York, United States

    ABT 1897 • Waterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA

    John GAGAIN

    Birth of Daughter Susan Marie GAGAIN(1898–1911)
    1898 • waterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA

    Birth of Son John Joseph Gagain(1900–1957)
    11 NOV 1900 • Waterbury Conecticut United States

    JAN 1901 • Waterbury, CT, United States

    John GAGAIN my great grandfather

    Death of Husband John GAGAIN(1864–1901)
    JAN 1901 • Ansonia, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

    Birth of Daughter Bridget Farrelly(1904–)
    8 JUL 1904 • Half Acre , County Cavan, Ireland

    Birth of Daughter Mary Farrelly(1907–1978)
    1907 • County Cavan, Ireland

    Death of Brother France J Doonan(1876–1907)
    20 Dec 1907 • New York City, New York, USA

    Birth of Daughter Susan Farrelly(1910–)
    11 MAY 1910 • Half Acre , County Cavan, Ireland

    2 APR 1911 • Half Acre, Cavan Urban, Cavan, Ireland

    Death of Daughter Susan Marie GAGAIN(1898–1911)
    be for 1911 • Ireland

    Birth of Son Patrick Farrelly(1912–1986)
    5 JAN 1912 • Half Acre , Cavan , County Cavan , Ireland


    Death of Father John Doonan(1838–1914)
    Jun 1914 • County , Cavan, Ireland


    Birth of Daughter Maggie J Farrelly(1916–)
    4 JAN 1916 • Half Acre, killashandra , Cavan , County Cavan , Ireland


    Birth of Son Francis Farrelly(1919–)
    27 JUL 1919 • Fair Grreen Hill , Cavan , County Cavan , Ireland


    Death of Mother Bridget Smith (1842–1924)
    Jun 1924 • County, Cavan, Ireland


    1938 • Half Acre, Cavan Urban, Cavan, Ireland County Cavan , Ireland


    Sunday 29th March 2020, 05:15AM