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mcmillen /mcmullen or any variants

Hello, I am trying to find out what parish my 3rd great grandfather was from

his name john mcmillen born aug 11,1815 county armagh,ireland

died 1885 oxford,ontario,canada he was the captain in the military in ontario,canada

he came out somewhere in 1833 

i believe he was an anglican in harrietsville,ontario,canada 

but in ireland i am not sure,but since he was a protestant he would have been part of church of ireland but i dont know for sure

this is just my guessing, 

hope someone can help me find the parish he belonged to 

i am in need of finding his baptism record i have no luck looking through proni unless someone knows how to use proni better then me

thank you


Tuesday 20th October 2020, 03:14AM

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  • if someone can help me or if anyone is related to the mcmillen /mcmullen line 

    feel free to email me

    thank you


    Tuesday 20th October 2020, 03:15AM
  • Shorty,

    The church records in PRONI are not on-line. You need to go in person to look them up. If you are unable to go yourself, you could employ a researcher. Researchers in the PRONI area:

    There are 29 parishes in Armagh. Some have more than one church so potentially there’s about 40 sets of records.  However in reality it’ll be a bit less than that because a lot of early church records were destroyed in the 1922 fire in Dublin.  The chances of the relevant record having survived are perhaps 50:50.

    This link explains what records exist, parish by parish:

    John’s date of birth should be taken with a pinch of salt. In the 1800s people in Ireland didn’t celebrate birthdays and rarely knew when they were born or exactly how old they were. If officialdom later asked for a date of birth it was common to make one up. Plus baptism records are often just that, the date of baptism not the date of birth (which was often not recorded in the early 1800s). Baptism in the Church of Ireland can be anything from a few weeks to several years after birth. (Sometimes you see batch baptisms where 3 or 4 children from the same family were baptised together). So it is wise to check about 5 years either side of the reported date of birth.

    I looked in Griffiths Valuation for 1864. There were 98 McMullen/McMullan/McMullin households in the county then so a fairly common name. In the 1901 census there were 11 people named John McMullen in County Armagh. The name would have been equally common when your ancestor was born. Ideally you need his parents names from a marriage or death certificate in Canada to be sure of identifying the correct family in Ireland.









    Tuesday 20th October 2020, 06:36AM