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Michael Corcoran & Catherine Dunne family of Shanbeg

I have located the following children of Michael Corcoran and Catherine Dunne on baptism records of Rosenallis, County of Laois, Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin on-line records:- 20-04-1834 Elizabeth; 27-12-1835 Catherine; 22-04-1838 James; 12-07-1840 Anne; 05-02-1843 Simon; 02-08-1846 Mary; & 16-07-1848 Eliza.  In 1862, Catherine Corcoran (nee Dunne, and now a widow) immigrates to Queensland, Australia on board the "Erin-Go-Bragh" with her five surviving children, James, Anne, Simon, Mary & Eliza.  I'm wondering if there are records someone could search for me to find out when Michael Corcoran, and his two eldest daughters, Elizabeth and Catherine died?  Michael Corcoran & Catherine Dunne are my 2X Great Grandparents. 

Many thanks.




Friday 12th July 2019, 05:33AM

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  • Hi Gayle,

    As Michael died before the introduction of civil registration in 1864 it is unlikely you will find a record of his death. I searched in the online records for Graveyards in Rosenallis but did not find a headstone for him.

    Griffiths Valuation shows 2 entries for Michael Corcoran in 1851. I can't say if there were 2 Michael Corcorans or just one man with two holdings. One of these holdings is rented from a Matthew Corcoran, possibly a relative. You can look at the records here.

    So the best you can guess is that Michael died between 1851 and 1862.

    Do you know for sure that Elizabeth and Catherine had died? As they were older it is possible that they had married and stayed in Ireland with their families.

    There is a record of a marriage of an Elizabeth Corcoran to Patrick Feighey Sept. 1 1859.

    It is also interesting to note that Find my Past has given the names Denis Corcoran and Ellen Dunne as the parents of Elizabeth, but it is clear when you look at the register that the priest had made a mistake and crossed out those names to replace them with Michael and Catherine. However it could be a hint that Denis and Ellen were related to Michael and Catherine. I have submitted a correction note to Find my Past about this.

    I did not find a likely marriage for Catherine in Rosenallis but there is a gap in records between 1859 and 1865.


    Friday 12th July 2019, 10:00AM
  • Thank you Miriam for your kind response.

    Death Certificate for Catherine Corcoran (mother) in Queensland dated May 1885, lists deceased children as one son and two daughters.  She did not have any additional children after arriving in Queensland, and the daughters that immigrated with her were still living.  Her son, James, died in Queensland in 1870, and I'm presuming that the two deceased females were most likely daughters, Elizabeth & Catherine.  However, this may not be the case.  I thought it likely that Elizabeth had died given the youngest daughter had been named Eliza.

    Catherine's death certificate also advises her parents were James Dunne & Catherine Mooney, and she was born in Mountmellick.  She was 26 years of age when she married Michael Corcoran, in Kiln, Kings, Ireland.  Whilst ages are often incorrect on documents, her age at date of death of 78 years, would agree with her being married in aprox 1833 (aged 26 years) which fits with first child being born in 1834.

    I suspect Kiln in Kings County is incorrect.  Any ideas at to which town or parish this might be? 

    Kind regards and many thanks.





    Saturday 13th July 2019, 10:53AM
  • Hi Gayle,

    You may be correct about Elizabeth since I actually missed the fact that the youngest daughter was called Eliza. However I would still keep an open mind about Catherine. She could, after all, have died in the time between when the family emigrated and when Catherine snr died. 

    So, Catherine was born in Mountmellick. This is Co. Laois or Queen's county. King's County is actually Co. Offaly. The nearest parish to Mountmellick which is in King's is called Killeigh, this may be what was meant by Kiln.

    You can view the location of the parishes here on the map for parish registers. The records for Mountmellick start quite early, 1814, a little short for Catherine's birth but it may be worth your while searching for any siblings for her who could have been born after 1814.

    You can also search the Griffiths site for likely holdings of James Dunne. 


    Saturday 13th July 2019, 12:32PM
  • Thanks Miriam.  Much appreciated.

    Kind regards



    Sunday 14th July 2019, 03:55AM
  • You're welcome Gayle,

    Hope it has been of some help to you, good luck with your future research.


    Sunday 14th July 2019, 01:04PM