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I have been reviewing Microfilm #02484/11, Register for the Killaloe Diocese, Kilmurry-McMahon parish on the National Library of Ireland website.  I believe a couple pages where skipped in the microfilming - pages 13 -14 as marked in handwriting at the top of the page.  The records jump from page 12 to page 15, and the dates from Nov 1847 to September 1848.  I was wondering if these pages are on file anywhere else and can be accessed another way?  I am looking for a record (possibly) for a John O'Neil baptised in May, 1848!!!  


Thank you, 

Holly Barton 




Thursday 18th Feb 2021, 06:41PM

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  • Hi Polly,

    There are three "John O'Neil" registered for the District of Kildysart between 1835 and 1855.

    John - Baptism May 6th 1838. Father: John - Mother: Bridget McMahon. Sponsors: Michael McMahon and Johanna

    John - Baptism March 23rd 1841. Father: Michael - Mother: Margaret Moloney. Sponsors: Michael and Johanna Cuggeran

    John - Baptism May 27th 1854. Father: Patrick - Mother: Bridget Bran. Sponsors: Bran and Bid Creagh

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    Thursday 18th Feb 2021, 07:39PM
  • Holly:

    I went to the Clare County library site and they have a number of transcriptions of RC church records. The Kilmurry McMahon/Killofin records were transcribed in 2019.…

    Below are the notes from the transcriber and it appears she encountered the same issues as you did. You could contact the parish  to see if they know but likely the pages were lost well before the early 1950s when the NLI mictofilmed the register.

    Transcriber Notes:

    There are some gaps where pages may have fallen out of the register or maybe the register was mislaid for a while. Also, recording of births is very uneven at times: one month will have over twenty baptisms, the next month only two. I can see why these registers are not relied on very much to give exact figures for the effects of the Great Famine. But this register is a very, very valuable historical document indeed, showing as it does the numbers baptised in the early years of that famine. And, most unusually, it contains a register of deaths between 1844–1848. There are just 8 pages (pp 137–144).

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 18th Feb 2021, 07:46PM
  • Thank you, I'll look into both of these leads.  Writing the parish was next on the list.  Wouldn't be genealogy if the EXACT PAGES I need have just disappeared over time! : ). Was just hoping....! 

    Holly Barton 



    Saturday 20th Feb 2021, 05:56PM

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