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Some time ago, I came across an old post on a genealogy site which listed the following Mitchells: James 1796-1853*, Thomas 1799-1875, John 1802-1874, Christopher 1808-1876, and Daniel 1810-1856

I don't know if they all lived in Betaghstown or not, but they were said to be brothers, and I am a descendent of James, who was married to Mary Fenlon in 1836 and had, I believe 8 children in Betaghstown: Hester 1837, Henry 1839, Mary 1841, Michael 1843, Patrick 1845, Margaret 1848, Anne 1850, and James 1852.  This old post that I came across also mentions that Patrick died in 1846 and Anne in 1850. 

Now, I am not sure where this info about them dying, or of their uncles being born and dying comes from.   For that matter, I am uncertain how it was determined that the men were brothers.  As far as I know, the Catholic parish of Clane has a gap of years between about 1789-1825, and no death records.

This makes me think that there was a grave or graves somewhere nearby that had all this information on it.  Where it could be exactly, I don't know, though I read somewhere that the name Mitchell is in the graveyeard at nearby Mainham, but never found any transcriptions.  If that could be the location or not, I am unsure.

But I am very interested in this idea that there is a grave.  I wonder if it could have the names of the parents of the men on it, or if it could potentially give any info about the wife of James, Mary Felon.

The gentleman who found this info about the brother was named Gerard Ennis.  Also descended from James.  He had said he lived near Clane, but I am not sure, if he could be a local or not.  But I have not been able to get in contact with him, since the post was in 2009, which is long ago.

I'd be curious, if anyone has seen this old Mitchell grave that I presume exists.

Al Smith

Wednesday 22nd May 2019, 05:51PM