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Looking for info on Moore (or O'Moore) family, members of which emigrated to Canada in the 1840s, ultimately settling near St. Marys, Ontario (Perth County near Stratford, ONTARIO,).  I know little of them except their cemetery headstone say they were born in Monaghan (or Monahan as cited on one headstone). My Canadian born grandfather was Michael Moore; same name as his Irish-born father Michael Moore wo immigrated here.. They were successful farmers in Ontario so I assume their background in ireland was farming. On a vist to Ireland several years ago I was told by a geneologist in Monaghan town that his hunch was that thery were from the Clones area but that that area has no surviving Catholic church records because of some adminstrative screw-up eons ago. Apparently I had a distant Moore great aunt who claimed that the family name was once O'Moore; not sure if that's true or if they changed name when they moved to Canada. ) I understand Moore is derivative from the Gaelic O'Mordh from which many Irish Moores are descended. I also understand that some branches of the Moore family ended up in Michigan (not far from Southwestern Ontario) as well as Iowa but I have not been able to confirm that. Indeed, I can't even be sure my branch of the family didn''t move up to Canada after emigrating to the US. Regretably I have not been able to connect with any related Moores here or in the States.  Anyone out there who has a clue for me? I would much appreciate it.

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Wednesday 29th January 2020, 08:34PM

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