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I am a decendent of Andrew J Moore and elizabeth marie hand, both of garristown, dublin, ireland. andrew was born approx 1850 to Margaret mahon/mahan and james moore and elizabeth was born 1851 to jacobi hand and Elizabeth Josephina Murray. 

i would really appreciate some help with finding out more about both andrew and elizabeths parents and beyond if possible. 

let me know, if you can help and what other information you may need. 

thanks all so much, jane moore


Friday 12th November 2021, 09:13PM

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  • Patricia

    Friday 12th November 2021, 11:06PM
  • At rootsireland, we couldn’t find Andrew, but did find one child of James and Margaret:
    Patrick, baptized on 9 Oct 1842 in Catholic parish of Clontarf, Dublin.
    Moores lived in Coolock.
    Sponsors were Maria Mahon and Patrick Kettle.
    (Patrick Kettle lived in Coolock and married Maria Tottenham of Coolock in Clontarf in 1846.)


    Friday 12th November 2021, 11:07PM
  • Here's Andrew's baptism info, found at Note he was born in 1847.

    We did not find his parents' marriage there.

    DUBLIN (RC) , Parish/Church/Congregation - ST. JAMES

    Baptism of ANDREW MOOR of N/R on 20 September 1847



    Date of BirthN/R N/R N/R


    FatherJAMES MOOR


    Sponsor 1JOHN MURRAY

    Sponsor 2ANNE FOX


    The church register page containing this record has not yet been imaged.


    Friday 12th November 2021, 11:14PM
  • Jane/Patricia:

    Here is the image of the parish register entry for the baptismal record for Andrew Moor

    Roger McDonnell



    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 12th November 2021, 11:32PM
  • Hi Jane

    On 2 May 1881, in the RC Chapel of Garristown, Elizabeth Hand (herd, age 25) of Newtown (west Garristown) married Andrew Moore (age 33) of Garristown.

    • Bride's parents: James Hand (a herd) & Elizabeth Murray of Newtown
    • Groom's parents: James Moore (a farmer) and Anne Mahon of Garristown. 
    • Witnesses: Eliza's brother William Hand (b.1849) of Newtown & Catherine Brunkhand of Garristown who also wed on this occasion with Andrew and Elizabeth acting as their witnesses! William & Catherine were still in Newtown in the Census of 1901 and 1911.

    Andrew Moore was born in or about 1848. In 1853 his father, James Moore, does not appear on land records in Garristown. However, it can be presumed he was due to inherit the farm from his father Andrew Moore Sr. of #169 Garristown (house #27) and living there. 

    Elizabeth Hand was born in or about 1856. In 1853 her father was residing at #2b Newtown. Not on record here in the Census of 1901.

    Your HAND and MOORE ancestors were in Garristown long before the famine and were still present there in 1853. 

    Looking at the 1834 Tithe Applotment Records for Garristown, the HAND surname only appears on record (twice) for one individual:

    • Thomas Hand of Baldwinstown (7 acres east of Garristown) with land at "North Commons" (3.5 acres). His landlord was Lord Langford.

    The MOORE surname is recorded for 2 individuals in this parish at that time. Your ancestor was very likely descended from the Andrew Moore recorded here in 1835:

    • Andrew Moore of Garristown (2.5 + 3.5 + 9 acres) and "Rocks Commons" aka Lower Commons (3.5 acres). The landlord for both of these townlands was Robert Q. Alexander Esq. 

    • John Moore also held land at Rocks Commons (3.5 acres)

    Moving forward to Griffith's Valuation of Garristown in 1853, we find 

    • Thomas Hand of #17 Baldwinstown (House & 7 acres) and #89 Commons Lower (3.3 acres of land only - no house) landlord: Lord Langford

    • James Hand of #2b Newtown was renting a house and garden (2 acres in total) from Mrs. Catherine Reynolds who held 300 acres there. He may have been a herd along with her manager residing at 2a. 

    • Andrew Moore of #169 Garristown (house #27 with 3.5 acres) was also renting 7 acres of meadow at #128 Garristown, 20 acres from the Rev. John Courtney at #1 Glebe West, and 3.5 acres at #38 Commons Upper. He sublet a house and garden next-door to:

    • John Moore of #169 Garristown (house #26

    • Patrick Moore of #45b Garristown was renting a house and a half-acre from Lord Langford

    • John, Maurice or Betty Moore #13a Commons Lower (house and garden). 

    To view these farms on old maps see: 

    Hope this helps!

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Monday 15th November 2021, 03:33AM
  • WOW...thanks so much, it helps so much!


    Saturday 19th February 2022, 09:34PM