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Hello Tom. 

A woman has contacted me who seems to be related to my Murphy ancestors. Her Irish ancestors are Edmund Murphy and his wife Mary (unknown surname).  They come from Clogheen or possibly Clonmel. Could you please check for any marriages with those names around 1840 give or take 5 or more years. Their children are possibly Mary, Margaret, Ellen born in the 1840s give or take 5 years or more. There is doubt that Edmund was father to Margaret and Ellen. They claim to be sisters of Mary but with a father called Patrick Murphy. Mary (with father Edmund) is this lady’s ancestor. Mary arrived 1855 on the ‘Gloriana’ and married at Patrick Plains (Singleton, NSW) in 1857. I hope you might find this family as the names used seem to indicate my Murphy family tree could be involved.

Regards to you and your family. I miss Ireland and hope I will get a chance to visit again. Fingers crossed. Regards Lyn Stewart


Lyn of the Cahir Murphies

Saturday 19th September 2020, 06:24AM

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  • Hi Lyn,  Here is some information from on your inquiry.  Edmund Murphy and Mary Gorman were married in 1838 in Clogheen and I found three daughters with parents of the same names baptised in Ballylooby and Clogheen, both Roman Catholic churches not far from one another.  The puzzle that you will need to sort out is that both Margaret and Catherine were baptised in 1841, one in Clogheen and the other in Ballylooby.  I looked up the original baptism certificate on the Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI ( and both gave the identical names of Edmund Murphy and Mary Gorman!  You will have to sort through that.  Anyway, I hope this helps.

    Rob Anglin  


    Friday 4th December 2020, 11:51PM

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  • Thank you Rob. That is very helpful and it does supply information my contact did not have. Are you the contact person now for Cahir? I do hope Tom is hail and hearty an I send my regards to him. Thanks again Rob.

    Lyn of the Cahir Murphies

    Saturday 5th December 2020, 06:47AM
  • Hi Lyn,  No, I am just another searcher like you trying to find out about my Irish ancestry!  My Anglin ancestors (also spelled Anglum and Anglim) came from around Cahir about the same time period.   I have uncovered many Anglins who were baptised at Ballylooby Roman Catholic Church so I was familiar with the area your ancestors came from.  Good luck with your search.  If I can be of any other help let me know.  Thanks.  Rob



    Monday 7th December 2020, 02:19PM
  • Very kind of you Rob. Where do you live and have you visited the area? I live in Australia and have been to Cahir environs three times now in the last few years. I feel like I do come from the area although the connection dates back to my great great grandmother Margaret Murphy and her sisters who arrved in Sydney in January 1841.


    Lyn of the Cahir Murphies

    Tuesday 8th December 2020, 05:55AM